Let the Dating Begin….

Well… My husband and I are clearing up loose ends and finalizing stuff... but I have begun my quests to find some companionship.  I am not looking for another husband by far…. I am looking for someone I can hang around and go out and do somethings every now and then and of course… sex.

One thing about being a foreign woman in China… finding someone to have sex with is very easy… well I guess it is very easy in every country isn’t it?   In China it is quite funny how this dating thing works.   I am a pretty open person so I will speak to just about anyone about pretty much anything. When trying to date Chinese men in China there are a few things you need to look out for…. one big one is “Are they married?”


Many Chinese men are married by the age of 30 years old, therefore, most likely if you meet one close to or over thirty they are already married or going to get married.  That is the get married age.   I have also learned that Chinese men separate sex from love. To them sex is just a physical activity you do with who ever you want… Love is only for your family ie. wife, child, parents etc.  They have actually told me that its only sex.

Another question you need to ask…… is if they are only wanting to have SEX?

I have never had any problem meeting men… and in China it isn’t any different… the only problem I find is meeting quality men.  Most men I have met only want one night stands.  It seems they see a foreign face and assume that we are in heat or something and will just have sex with anything.    I honestly think that chinese men just want something to stick their penis in….. doesn’t matter what or who.

Those of you who want to verify what I say… I suggest you do this… download the Momo app, or the Wechat app on your smart phone…. put a normal photo of yourself as the mim,  and open the part that searches for people who are close to you.   You don’t need to contact anyone just look thru it for a bit then close it…..within 5 to 10 minutes you will have 5 to 10 chinese men contacting you asking for sex.  It is amazing…. I do it as an experiment to see how many people will ask me.

English and Non English-speaking people they all try.  One guy told me I wasnt an American because I didn’t do one night stands… Really?…..He told me he saw it in the movies that American were very open and liked sex with strangers…. I said .. what was the  name of this movie… I want to see?   It was a porn.   That right ladies…. we are being compared to porn movies…. nice.

They havent all been duds…. I have spoken to some very interesting men… from many countries…. I have set up some dinner dates and we will see how it goes…I will keep you updated.

Currently I am talking to an Iraqi man, English Man, and three Chinese men….one who studied in the UK.   it proves to be an interesting week.

Those wondering about my Valentines Day… I went out to the local bar… alone… they had a special every person they see kiss on the lips got a free shot.   I am all about free… so I just boldly when up and asked people to kiss me so I could get shots.   It is quite the ice breaker I tell you….. I ended up meeting the Chinese guy that studied in the UK…. who by the way didn’t drink.. so I drank his shot and mine.    He was very interesting and even made me a rose out of the red napkin on the table…. a man who can do Origami…. nice huh?  Not bad for my first V-Day alone.

This dating thing might not be too bad… after all.

until next time…….



11 thoughts on “Let the Dating Begin….

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  2. Blackandyellow

    I think that things are about to get very interesting. The guy who can do origami sounds interesting. Sadly, in a number of countries western women are thought of as being easy, hopefully with time this will change.

  3. Confucius08

    Ha! Sounds like what I am going through in South Florida with men in general. Different country with different men but they have the same game plan….lol…But it sounds as if you are handling everything well.

  4. Separating love from sex really makes sense to me. Sex is a recreational thing with procreational consequences. I have yellow fever and would love to rack up a high body count of NE Asian women (if they gave brothas play). However, I would rather marry a Black woman, not out of love, but to have thoroughbred children. I’d marry a tall Black woman to have tall, pure Black kids, but until I get ready to settle down it’s Chinese, Japanese, and Taiwanese women (hypothetically speaking, of course since they don’t really give Black men any play).

  5. Susan C

    Did you find that the divorce process is easier or more difficult in China? And since you were obviously the main breadwinner do you have to pay him support?

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