I like what I like…. and that’s all that I like

Well… I have started dating again… and so far it is pretty easy to get dates….. in the past two weeks I have been on about four dates.. and one was a whole weekend.  I have tried to be open-minded about it and have added foreign men to the male testosterone pot.  So, I went on a weekend date with a man from New Zealand.   Very nice guy, interesting and entertaining and works as a director of short films.  Awesome right? He lives in Shanghai, which is an hour by fast train from me.  He came down to spend the weekend with me. (in his own hotel rom… by the way) ... we had a great time… bar with friends, Reggae bar after… and the next day brunch, outside market walking, and jazz bar that night… I really have only one problem with the guy…… He is not Chinese.


It sounds crazy but I guess we like what we like…… and I like what I like.  I have tried going out with East Indian, Africans, British, New Zealand, Italian, and Middle Eastern men…. but the fact of the matter is …. I am really and fully attracted to Chinese Men.  The other guys are great and attractive, but for me… they just don’t get my heart beating fast or my panties wet.   I just need an Asian man for that feeling.   (Hello, My name is Jo and I am addicted to Asian men)

I was told that I might have been Chinese in Another life… and now I think that might be true… because no matter who I am with or what I am doing… I will always notice an attractive Asian man first.  I spend most of my time comparing what the man I am with is saying and doing .. to what a Chinese man says or does….. I guess have been dating Asian men for the last 25 years…. I have to face the truth….. I love Asian men.

I have decided that I have to come to the realization and stop trying to convince myself otherwise.   Black men can call me names and say I am betraying my race, White men can laugh and say… Why?, and Middle Eastern men can keep telling me that they are the better choice…however my heart and body belong to Asian men.

I have been using several different ways to meet men here in China… the easiest and fastest way is using some Smart phone apps.  I have downloaded Wechat and Momo apps… there are dozens of others but… I can only answer so many messages in one day.  These two keep me pretty busy..so its all I need.   I get about 15 to 20 messages a day from men…between the these two apps.  So, many that I have to start filter by photos, ability to speak english, and how they start the conversation….Usually, when the words…. do you want to have sex? are the first thing they say…. they get deleted.


Both apps have features that let you search around the areas that are near you…. and people can find you in these areas and send you messages.   Now mind you, most of the messages are a request for sex or people sending penis pics…but every now and then you get some pretty decent men that actually want to take you out to eat before they ask you for sex.  Some even wait until the second date….. I know????!!!!!!!

I have found that Chinese people as a whole are pretty promiscuous, surprisingly.  They will have one night stands on the daily. They get pretty dirty during the night when they think no one is watching.   I sometimes feel that Chinese men just want to poke their penis in something… doesn’t really matter what.   They are quite the horny little devils.  But once you kick the horn dogs out-of-the-way… you can find some decent men.

Most are more talk than action anyway… so if you actually call them out on what they are saying they will back down pretty quick.  They all seem to have the fantasy to sleep with a foreign girl.  They always ask is they sex different from a Chinese girl… ( I tell them I have never had sex with a Chinese girl.. so I don’t know) .… I do remind them that we are people… and our kitty kats goes vertically ..not horizontally so they don’t have to worry so much about it.

I have been booked for dates.. for every other day and the weekends… I even have people waiting in the appointment book.  So that crap about Chinese men not being attracted to Black women is a whole like of bullshit.  They are men … they like boobs and arse just like any other man…. So far my quest continues … to find a companion to hang out with and go places with me.


As for my future ex hubby…. he still hasn’t caught on to the fact that divorced means we are not together anymore… he still calls almost every day to check on me… and wants to stay close.   smh… I guess he is a bit confused still.   He will figure it out one day.  Until then … I will let him continue to do what he does and I will keep doing what I am doing.  He did promise he would call before he came to visit me… just in case I was busy.   (hell if I know how he thinks)

Anyway…. I am back on the Chinese guys… and I am not going to make that mistake again of thinking I can force myself to be attracted to other types of men….. I am who I am…. and I am surrounded by a buffet of men.   Life couldn’t get much better….. Or could it?

Until Next time…..


22 thoughts on “I like what I like…. and that’s all that I like

  1. Annie

    Hey, you may already know this but the guy in the second photo isn’t Chinese, he’s Thai (still fine though) and a really famous kpop star. Sorry, I just got kinda excited when I saw him on here XD Alright so I’ll just go away now…

  2. I love this post. It’s interesting to hear and you’ve dated a range of guys so you know who you like. I still haven’t dated but I know who I like. It’s sad though that black men think you’ve betrayed your race though, I find that disgusting. :/

  3. Emma Lai

    Hi Jo, very sorry to hear that your marriage is over. I wish you and your former husband luck in finding new happiness!

  4. Aw! I am so glad to see this post.
    I am getting quite a bit of backlash myself since I started dating again. I’ve been told I have a fetish, what’s wrong with my own race, HOW could I be attracted to an Asian guy (your pics, I know you know!).
    I’m so glad to see that you’re doing you. Forget what others think.

    Good Luck and thanks for sharing your adventures with all of us!

  5. rentec

    Your pics of sexy men got me in trouble with one of the kids at work.

    My young friend named Aaron cried, “Stop looking at sexy men, Miz Renee! You have a husband!” Then he clicked me off your page. LOL

  6. Mayte

    Hi Jo,

    Just wanted to say that I’m both sorry to hear about the marriage ending and yet am happy to see that you’re moving forward with your life and are happy.

    It’s inspiring to hear that you are getting out there and enjoying yourself. I’m looking forward to more of your stories.


  7. Barry

    It’s all good: life is short so enjoy it while you are able to enjoy it. BTW, I’m a Black man and it doesn’t bother me a bit who you are attracted to ethnically or whatever.

    What I’d really like to know is how proficient are you in Mandarin?

  8. Seriously love this post! I think this is my favorite quote: “So that crap about Chinese men not being attracted to Black women is a whole like of bullshit. They are men … they like boobs and arse just like any other man….”

  9. I like what I like too, but being a Black man, when I come out and say that I like NE Asian girls, I’m chastised for having “Yellow Fever”. Where is my ticker-tape parade, $1,000 prize, and phone call from Obama? Where are my legions of bloggers saying “You go dude”? What about me, what about the Admiral??

    1. im sorry… i can not take you seriously…. Black men have been dating people outside their races for ages…. but as soon as a black woman decides that she is going to… the black men start name calling, and accusing her of hating her race.. and everything else. I think you are trying to belittle me and disrespect me… and I dont think it is funny….

  10. As for my future ex hubby…. he still hasn’t caught on to the fact that divorced means we are not together anymore… he still calls almost every day to check on me… and wants to stay close. smh… I guess he is a bit confused still.

    *raises an eyebrow* Any chance of reconciliation?

    1. well.. we are still close friends… but… he just looks at marriage a lot different than I do… and we are just not on the same future path. I dont think he will every be totally out of my life…we will always be close… but I dont think… we will reconcile. The paperwork isnt filed yet… we still have some financial things to settle…. we are currently legally separated.

  11. Lori

    Hi Jo! I have a question. Are the men (and I know you don’t know every Chinese men so this is a general type question) attracted to darker skin women? I know a lady who tells black women they need to travel which I agree with, but she only suggests Europe. (Last time I checked men are EVERYWHERE). When I mention Asia she poo poos it that the men are not into black women. Amazing that she has never been there so I don’t know how SHE knows this.

    1. I will tell you this…. Darker skin women are not the favored women of choice for most chinese… however, I do have dark skinned friends here in china that are dating handsome Chinese men. So… i would stereotype them all by saying they are not attracted to Darker skinned women.. because every man has his own taste. Some wont be attracted and some will…. it just depends on the individuals. I can tell you this… my African sistas… have no problem attracting chinese men…. dont believe the hype .. honey

      1. Lori

        Good to know. I know EVERYONE has their own tastes when it comes to dating. It gets frustrating though being darker. We have to look for the needle in the haystack while everyone else gets to pick the whole haystack!

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