Dating the Pakistani/Russian Dude….

Since, my tract record with Chinese men is not the best… I decided to take a break and try some different kinds of men… here in China.  We will start with the big hunk of man that is Pakistani and Russian Mix… not that is a combination.   He was very tall, and build like a truck.  Very white skin and shaved head… that part was all Russian… however, his voice and mannerisms… all Pakistani.


How did I meet him… well.. I was standing in the bar with my friends… and he just came up to me and kissed me and said…. how you been like he knew me?  Seriously….. he had balls.   He smiled then walked away…. at the time I was surrounded by Xinjiang men… these are the ones that are close to Tibet.   They are fine pieces of meat… I will tell you…. but live too far away…  Anyway…. Paki/Russtikoff….. decided he was going to signal me to the bathrooms.   In the bars in China … they usually have co-ed bathrooms… so it is not unusual to see people making out in them.

I met him by the restrooms… and asked him…. Do I know you? … he said .. yeah.. I see you all the time here at the bar.   I guess in his mind .. that means he knows me.    So he asked me for my phone number. I was feeling generous.. so I gave it to him.  The next day he called me … and asked me to go out on a date.   I said why not…. him being Muslim made it hard for me to decide where to eat… so we decided to meet for drinks.  Welll, I drink .. he drinks red bull…. we got along pretty well.. but he would not like go of me… he was my shadow the entire night…. it was hard to breath…..(hehehehe)… and way.. .we went back to my place and did the deed.  He spend the night… and the next morning I had to work… so he left when I left.. and kissed me good bye and said he would call me later… I was okay with that.

Later that night… he called and said he was going to hang out with friends… I said… no problem.. talk tomorrow.

That next morning…he called me around 11 am.. and said… I am so sorry…. I was like what are you talking about… he said…. I took a girl home last night and slept with her.  I am sorry… I didn’t even like her….. I acted like an animal… please forgive me.

I was like seriously…. it was not even 24 hours and you fuck someone else….. ????

He said at least I was honest and told you about it….. I was like .. oh… thank you… good bye.  ….


about three months later .. I saw said… Paki/Russtikoff….. in the bar and he came up to me and said…. You dumped me…I replied yes.. yes I did….he said… why… Can a man make a mistake?  I said… sure… just not with me…. then… he said… well.. I cant believe you dumped me….. I said… seriously?

On to the next one….


Until next time…..






6 thoughts on “Dating the Pakistani/Russian Dude….

  1. Dreamlover225

    Girl, do you! If you wanna f**k, that’s on you. He’s not your bf, though do idk why he told you that he got down with someone else. Maybe to purposely push you away? That situation is weird.

  2. simplyme

    Hi Jo:

    I am glad you got rid of that Paki guy. It’s very obvious he wanted a sexual experience, only.

    Speaking in the voice of a southern older woman from Louisiana, “Young lady you better slow your row. Are you testing these guys for STDs? I admire your adventurous spirit. But, you must proceed with caution.”

    IMO, good friends are frank and to the point. I am not trying to make you feel bad; but, I am concerned about you. Personally, I would date with the intention of seeking out a quality husband. Remember neither one of us are getting any younger. One day if the Good Lord sees fit we will have to retire, then what happens when we are older and not so young and appealing?

    The number of homeless elderly women seem to be on the increase. This is one reason why smart women marry well. After, 40 or 50 years of marriage my cousin’s husband died about a month ago and he left her well provided for, I should be so lucky.

    Good Luck with you future endeavors.

  3. Regi

    You really need to write a book. Each story has me on the edge of my seat practically lusting for your next adventure.

  4. Maria Edwards

    I love you girl and I am not racist but I would not date any Muslims. And you should be careful over there that’s just to much stop giving your cookies away to these men. Never be easy wait for an answer from God not yourself. Love ya

      1. I also like your blogs,but I agree with Maria. I also have to add that you will not find the right man in a bar. A man will never make you his woman if you sleep with him on the first date. Take care.

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