So, on my brief hiatus one of the things I did was get some new tattoos.  Yep, I’m a boss.  since I was going through life changes I figured I need some way to express those changes.  Whats better than a new tat…. two new tats.. .of course.


Some of you know my Chinese name as Yinglai…. well I have recently changed my Chinese name to Hei Lan… = Black Orchid.  In tribute to my new Chinese name so I got a new tattoo of black orchids.



It was a little bigger than I had hoped but I like it a lot.

My second tattoo is dedicated to my children.  I love them and miss them so much.  I wanted them to know that I am always watching over them even when I am far away.  They know.. but I wanted it immortalized on my body.

IMG_1522 It is the Egyptian Eye  of Horus with my kids names over the top of the eyebrow.  I think it is beautifully done. the neck tat was a little painful but worth it.  The little Chinese guy that did my tat was pretty cool.. .and not too bad to look at.   I am always checking out the looks when I meet someone.

I have noticed that when major things happen in my life I want to remember I have found that getting a tattoo kind of puts me back to square one in my life.

What do you think?


until next time….