Men, Men, Everywhere… But Are They Too Crazy?

So.. my dating life has started of with a bang.  I have had dates almost every night of the week for the last three months and boy are there some whoppers out there.

As you know, I am a semi-equal opportunity dater.  I prefer Asian men but I will consider others if they peak my interest.  My round of Chinese men has been filled with lustful, young men that are only wanting to stick their penis in something.   I have been asked for sex so many times I am beginning to think there is a sign on my back.   Who ever said Chinese men don’t like black women was out of their freaking mind.   However, lets be realistic, these men are wanting to get in your pants and that’s about it.  To have a relationship with a Chinese man is very difficult, at least a serious relationship.   I have had men from 19 to 45 ask me out on dates.  In china there are some things you need to look for when dating Chinese men.

I hate to say it but Chinese men lie.  They lie a lot….  over stupid shit….and they lie sometimes just to lie.   I am not trying to insult people are a nationality, so don’t get all pissed.  I am just telling the truth.  It is ingrained in their being to lie first.  That being said, it makes dating then quit difficult.  You cannot believe a damn thing they say.  Even their actions can be lies.

I will start my dating marathon story with the top three most interesting or amusing dates with Chinese men.

I will start with Kelvin.  He is a very handsome rugged man with a goatee and crew cut.  He was very aggressively calling and pleading his case that he loves black women, and American culture. He is into hip hop and is 36 years old and never married.  Originally from Shanghai, and owned a house there.  Came from a poor family but worked his way up and purchased a 5 million RMB house on his own without his parents help.   His parents were still in his life.  He even when as  far to prove he was serious about me by telling his dad about me and dealing with the fight that ensued.

Sounds like a great guy right?  Wrong….. he was a hypochondriac.  He was so uneducated about sickness and health that he even told me that if he shaved his pubic hairs that sex would be painful.   He spend all his conversations talking about something he might have found on his body or a lump or a cough.  That wasn’t the worst of it though.   I think the finally straw was when I called him because I was upset about my divorce proceedings and he told me to just go to bed and he was in my heart… then never called me again.    It seems he couldn’t handle me being upset about anything.  Evidently, he was the only drama queen in this relationship.

Lets go with David next….. I well build, stocky man that is into MLB.  He is very handsome and also with a goatee… not sure what it is about Chinese men with goatees.. but they have been attracted to me lately.  I never thought I was into facial hair.. but it kind of gives them a more  manly look.   Anyway… david was pure sex…. When you meet him .. you just know that he would be good in bed.   We went out on one date… at a Korean restaurant… (my friends) and then went to my bar.. we made out for about an hour in the car.. and I was really into him.   We decided to meet for a second date the day after next one.   That is when I got the phone call…

You know things will not be good when he starts of the conversation with im sorry.  It seems my sexy Baseball boy.. of 25 years old… found out he got a white American girl pregnant.   Yep, so much for date two…. What a waste .. his ass was fine… I really wanted to hit that… oh well.. on to number three….

Now mind you have had many more than three dates with Chinese men… there has been many that were uneventful… and a few that I kind of used for my own morbid please.  But these three stand out the most.


Number 3 is …. Dan… he seemed like a nice 35 year old Chinese man… it seemed that he had been watching me from afar for several weeks…(stalker much) anyway.. he had finally got up enough nerve to ask me out on a date.   He wasn’t really my type but I felt he was feeling very nervous and I didn’t want to hurt the poor guy.   So, I agreed to go out with him.   He was so excited.. he told me he was wealthy and had a house and car.. (the Chinese husband requirements) he said he would provide me with everything and he loved me from afar…. He said he will buy me what ever I wanted for my entire life.   Now I must admit I thought about it for a minute….. this guy is  crazy about me.. and wants to buy me the world…. Hummm…. But those that know me well.. know that I can never make myself marry for money…. I am too much of a romantic.  So… the big date arrived… Friday night…. We when to Japanese restaurant… (my other friend owns) … things were okay… he was spoiling me by purchasing almost everything on the menu… then we went to my bar.   This is when it got crazy… after about an hour.. he started looking at his watch and phone a lot…. I asked him… is there somewhere you need to be?…. he looked at his watch again then me… then he said….Wait for it…….Wait for it…..

“ummm… its 10:30 pm… and I promised my mom that I would be home at 10:15… im late.. she will be upset.”  .. I was like seriously???? … you wait so long to go out on a date with me… and you have a freakin curfew????? …. How old are you again?… I was done


I told him go ahead and go home .. I don’t want your mother to be worried….he said… can I call you?  I said .. I don’t know… maybe you should ask your mother!!!!!


until next time…..


7 thoughts on “Men, Men, Everywhere… But Are They Too Crazy?

  1. Maria Edwards

    edwardsmaria07@gmail keep in touch with me I worry when I did it get any word from you over there in China, and now you alone. And dating.

  2. Maria Edwards

    Hi I was so worried of you I had k own emails anymore so glad you are safe and dating. I try to keep up with you and my other girl, that has a blog “Westernboyeasterngirl. I’m just happy to hear from you don9 be this one next time I worry. Here is my email so you can keep in touch Edwardsmaria07@gmail

  3. Judit

    Thanks for this post-i so needed it.
    It helped me realize my Chinese man lied to me all the time too. And when he broke up with me-i didnt understand why…he promised me everything the day before. and the next day i was juts a nobody to him…
    I ve always felt he was lying..but now that i read your post, i feel much better!
    they are always lying!

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