Happy Independence Day!!!!Everyone…. and yes.. when you are overseas…. you really realize how proud you are to be an American.

I always reflect on many things when it is the 4th of July…. and one today is that … I am pretty much done with the Han Chinese Man… Now that does not mean I have given up on Asian men…. that would be never…. but…. I am more connected and just more attracted to the minority Chinese people….. and the Asian Islanders…. one in particular …..Filipinos….. I swear they are Light-skinned Black People with good hair.


I am currently enamored with one particular Filipino Guitarist …he is beautiful……talented…and… for now…. all mine.  (hehehe)


I have notice with our time together… his mannerisms-although a bit Asian… are more American, the food he cooks (yes he cooks) has that ghetto kick to it.

His musical talents in singing, drums and guitar… certainly not the typical Han Asian style.  Attitude about family, runs along the way of the majority of Chinese families, with the need to take care of parents and children and wife.  But the romance is level is very passionate and physical.

They are the perfect mix of Asian, Hispanic and Black American.  Those of you that are curious… they are physically built like your typical Hispanic man…if you catch what I am saying.   Since, I just got out of a marriage I am not looking for another one anytime soon… but if I do… I will most certainly still with the Filipino men.   I mean… come on….They are just Hot.  

I have dated several types of Asian men… and  traditional Han Chinese man although sweet, and at times loving…. can be a bit cold and distant .  Here in Chinese most (I say most not all…people) more focused on making money… and providing financially for the family which is great. But they forget … that love, compassion and romance needs to be included.  I personally think the lack of life experience plays a big factor.  Being sheltered makes a big difference in all aspects of life, here in the lives of the locals.   I have found that inexperience and lack of exposure to the western ways….is hard to over come in a relationship.   But, I think Filipino men have just enough exposure to American way of life… and just enough Asian tradition to fulfill my needs.

Until Next time ….