For 10 key tips to help you get by in China

Hi guys, I often hook up with other bloggers and we share information between our different sites… I have a friend over at that had some very interesting tips and information to share…. .take it away guys…..


China is such a great country to visit isn’t it? Well, perhaps this is not so surprising considering the sheer size of the country and the huge number of people living there. There is an amazing diversity of places, cultures and sub-cultures, and people that it could take you seemingly forever to get used to just one aspect of the place. Then, of course, there is the language… not easy to get used to, to say the least!

So, whilst the early days living in China will not be without challenges, no worries, as you’ll generally find that people are friendly and happy help—and, of course you have us!

Today, with the kind permission of Jo, we are going to share with you some key tips you should pay attention to when you visit China. One of our writers from, C Fernandez, has put together an “infographic” and we’d like to share this with you.

To be honest, if you have lived in China for a while like Jo, you probably already know about and/or have experienced some or most of the points in the infographic. Still, we believe it will be particularly useful for those who are still not very familiar with China.

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Wish you happy adventures in China!




4 thoughts on “For 10 key tips to help you get by in China

  1. I quite agree.

    Get used to the toilets!

    And, there are only a few taboo topics to take note but those are among them. Even politics you can discuss a little, just not anything controversial. That religion of Falun Gong is another topic…

    Taiwan and Tibetan independence are about the most intense subjects.

    However, I like talking about internet censorship. It often gets into me suggesting a free vpn and opening their minds to unlimited future information. Doing my lil part to be subversive. Or just encouraging wasting time on facebook.

    This goes for good friends, of course.

  2. SN

    Mynewchinesewife. What a pathetic website for men who fetishize women. Not surprised you would promote it, considering your penchant for doing the same.

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