I know you guys have thought I probably fell off the end of the world.. but I haven’t.  I just been extremely busy.   Between working as a teacher full-time, singing at the bar every weekend, managing the marketing, events and advertising at the bar, doing side singing gigs, learning guitar..and having a boyfriend…. life has just got in the way of my blogging.

I honestly never thought that I would have a life this full at this age.   I just keep getting blessed with opportunities and I am afraid to turn them down.   I get job offers everyday….. business partnerships offered…. performance gigs…. teaching gigs….. it is just pouring with opportunities.  I have even started breaking into the Shanghai performing arts scene.  I have seen several plays and met many actors and been to several casts parties.  I have met so many amazing people…. I just cannot take it all in fast enough.

I know I havent been keeping you guys updated…and that is my fault…. but did you ever feel you should just grab everything you can .. before it disappears?    I have that kind of mind-set…. I keep thinking that this land of opportunity isn’t gonna last forever… so I better soak it all in while I can.   So…. thus explains my lack of blogging for the past few months.

I guess I have learned a lot about myself and the people around me.

It is kind of hard to explain living in China… time goes by so quickly…. in the blink of an eye…. 5 years … then 10 years have passed…. it like you are living in a time warp of some sort.

There are so many things going on… that you just lose track of time.

I believe that is what has happened to me….many people have asked me how I can lead such a busy life…. and I cant explain it…. I just thrive under pressure… and I like to be over whelmed with things to do.   I learn from these things.

I will give a brief overview of the last few months:

1. Currently the band is doing well… we are becoming more stable and are learning to flow with each other better.

2. I have been promoted to the management team of the bar…due to some changes that need to be made to improve quality

3. I have been learning to play guitar and can actually play some basic rock riffs from songs.

4. I have made new friends in Shanghai and try to visit them when I can .. to see them perform in plays.. last few I saw were, Cabaret and Rosemary’s baby.

5. I am getting a little burned out at my day job as a teacher.. I think it is because I want to do more things and it takes up a lot of time.

6. I am getting side solo gigs now .. that pay pretty well… so I am bringing in extra funds….

7. I have been ask to help market a new chat app.  I have been a little too busy to help too much .. but I am still considering that.

8. I have been asked to be a part of an outsourcing accounting firm that helps foreigners set up business in china.

9. And…. I have a new live in boyfriend that is pretty amazing.   He is a bodybuilding with an amazing dragon tattoo across his chest and ..treats me like a queen.   He an orphan … which made me learn a lot about the life of orphans in China. (not pretty) .. that’s another blog.

So things have been a little hectic… but I am trying to slow it down… and get back to the basics…. which start with my blog.

I am going to force myself to write every week…. to keep you guys updated on what is going on ….. on this side of the world.

until next time…..