So, those of you that know me, know that I am always sticking my nose in things and trying to find out more about my adopted country. The one thing I never really talked about is the Chinese underground world, gangsters, drugs and prisons.   Now since I am not involved in any of these things.. it is kind of hard to find out what happens or what goes on.  It also isn’t the safest thing to try to research.  However, since I have been dating my newly reformed boyfriend, Jet, (who is an orphan and was at one time emerged in the depths of this world) I have been introduced to the things that happened in the underground world of China.


No.. I am still not involved but he has told me many things that he has experienced in his past and boy… China has a whole other world that people don’t know about. It isn’t pretty either.  It seems if you are not lucky enough to have to parents that pay your way through school and university; you will be stuck on your own to fend for yourself.   The only way to survive is to join the secret world in China.

There are mafias, gangs, money laundering, prostitution, drugs…. everything …. and it is some scary stuff.   But I think the most interesting part of all of it… is how Chinese prisons work. If you get caught you go directly to jail, do not pass go and do not collect $200.

It seems that when you get sent to prison there are two options, death by firing squad or extreme manual labor. They don’t play around in the prisons over here.  There is no one sitting on death row for years and years and there are no free rides.  If you get sentenced to death, that pretty much means within the next couple of days you are going to die.

There was even an article about the parents of a young man who finally got restitution after five years of waiting because their son was sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t do.  It was proven months after the fact but they didn’t get any money until 5 years later.  It was like …”oooppppsss… my bad” and just gave them 2 million rmb.

If you do a serious crime in China there are no second chances, that is it.. buddy.

The not so dangerous criminals are forced to work hard labor and do military drills from morning to sunset every day for the duration of their time.   They are also forced to watch the executions of those that had committed harsher crimes. They do let people go on good behavior if you follow the rules and do what your told.  I think the fact that you can bribe the guards with money to get better conditions is pretty bad and even bribe the cooks with cigarettes and money to get better food.download1

I know it sounds kind of cruel, but they don’t have over crowded prisons and people will do their best not to go back if they get out.

Maybe I have been in China too long or maybe I have changed my view of things since seeing all the crap going on in the states with the killing and shooting and bombing of things, but I don’t think this way is so bad.  I think their version of re-education works and they don’t get a lot of repeat offenders.  There are no high costs of taking care of inmates and people pretty much keep their noses clean.


I found out a lot of interesting things about China’s underground world and I think the most important thing I learned was to stay far, far away from it.  That is serious shit and not something anyone should ever be involved in. So, for those of you that come to China looking for a little weed, or any other illegal drug, don’t be stupid.  They do not play over here, leave that mess at home.  There is no such thing as a slap on the wrist over here.  You get sent to jail there is no telling what can happen to you.


until next time……