Happy Chinese New Year: Good Bye VPNs

so it’s the new year and as with every country there are new things happening…. Chinese seems to be tightening up and cracking down on certain things.  One thing in particular is the use of VPNs.  Yep… they are trying to cut us off from the outside world.

Mind you this is not a good thing… without a vpn, you cannot get access to any good websites…. besides Facebook, YouTube, twitter and WordPress; there are many news sites and other entertainment sites we will not be able to access.  Its kind of big deal for us foreigners that stay abreast of whats going on in our home countries using the internet.

They are also changing the rules for teachers coming to China.   It is harder to get a work visa then before, and the requirements have become more strict. So if you are planning to make the move here any time soon, things are not as easy as before.  As my grandmother use to say “we have worn out our welcome”.

That is not going to change anything for me…. I am grandfathered in to the system.  I have been here way too long, its like I am Chinese.

On a happy note, there are now 10 year visa available for Americans.   If you have bought property, or have a business and have been in china for at least 7 years… and have enough money in the bank… you can apply for a 10 year visa.

These are only a few changes in the coming new year.

until next time…


11 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year: Good Bye VPNs

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  2. Hello there,
    What will this VPN crackdown mean for first-time American teachers in China like myself that expect to sample lesson plans and activities online?

    How could I work through tighter access on VPN? Do you suggest I copy everything on flash drives?

    Thank you for the insight 🙂

    1. i would back up some information on flash drives or external hard drives… but there are many teaching sites available… those are usually not blocked. it is the sites that might give information about whats going on in china..

  3. As a young first-time teacher (and tech-lover) looking to move to China, will there be any sites at my disposal for me to sample lesson plans and classroom activities from (with stricter reinforcement on VPN’s)?

    I really appreciate any feedback you can provide.

    Thank you!

  4. Drives me crazy! I’m still on wordpress for now, but it is not cool how much harder that always seems to get. Not to mention apps, Viber and Instagram.

    Perhaps it will be time to finally move to Hong Kong. The mainland is not making me feel welcome lately.

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