Wow… what a run I have had….. there are so many things to say… not sure I can fit them all in one blog… but i will try.  Lets start off with an apology… someone once said.. the longer you stay in china the less things you have to blog about….that is kind of true…. but I think it more routine things get and you feel it is not as important as it once was.


I went home this last march to visit my kids and family in the states… I call it my Midwest tour.  I saw my son and his kids in Illinois… then traveled by train to Missouri to visit my uncles, sister, brother and cousins… then traveled by bus to Nebraska to visit my daughter and her daughter… then headed back to Illinois by train and then back home to china.  It was a long exhausting trip… with a lot of traveling but I got to see most of the people I needed to see.  I did feel like a fish out of water at times… but it was awesome to be able to speak to some local Chinese people over there and see them shocked with my ability to speak Chinese.

I also had some relationship difficulties with my current muscle man, Jet…. but… we have worked through those hard times and are back on track for a successful future and life. Some times cultural things get in the way of trying to be happy.  We have learned that we have to respect each others ideals and remember the reason we love each other.  There may be wedding bells in the future….. we will see

I have decided to make some changes and move to Shanghai…. i know.. huge city….expensive city… but for my boyfriend to find decent employment…. that will not only help him but me also in the long run for stability and security…. we need to move.  He need to feel he is taking care of me…. and I need to feel he is putting in his part… so finding employment for me is quit easy…. so I need to support him.  Anyway… in Chinese tradition… whatever money he makes is mine anyway… so might as well have him making as much as he can….


There are still small things I need to tackle… like my current job… the bar… my online business….. and finding a job… Life is full of changes and adventures… so I just look at this as another adventure or chapter in my life.

I did get a offer to move back to Yuyao and open a school with my old boss… this seemed like the perfect thing for me… however, i realized that they were still the planning stages… and that it would be small children 3 to 7 yrs.  which is not my forte… since I hate all kids but my own.

we will see where life takes me….. there are always nooks and crannies that i fall into along the way.

All in All, things are going pretty well… in China…. in the States.. my daughter had baby daddy drama… even got arrested for assault… because her baby daddy accused her of slapping him and he called the police…. my son is dealing with a bit of depression… and trying to over come that… and my son’s father died yesterday…. at 40… so makes me look at my mortality…. and my future…… and so far… my future looks bright…..

until next time….