Things are always Changing….

Hi everybody…. (in my 2 broke girls Sophie voice)

scratching lotto tickets to try my luck...
scratching lotto tickets to try my luck…

I am here to update you on all the changes going on… I know you are thinking there are always things changing in my life… but honestly things in China or actually any foreign country are never very stable when you are and expat.

So after much blood, sweat and tears… I decided to stay in Hangzhou… it also helped that my boss offered me a raise, and management position to stay.  Jet and I moved to a new apartment, bigger and with new memories.  Did not like the negative energy in the old place… after all my divorce and single dating life was all in that apartment.  Jet being Jet… found the place, rented the place, moved all my stuff and unpacked and put everything away… while I was working. (I only had to move a few things)  He put all rent, utilities and internet in my name…. (I’m a little anal about feeling I am living under someone else’s roof.) just me and never wanting to live with a man… but the man living with me.   security issues I guess.

That being done… now time to catch up on a little debt.   Borrowed a small amount of money to start a business and other issues and now I need to pay it all back…. should be debt free in a few months.

Been feeling a little down lately…. nothing really wrong…just more tired than usual.   My body is fine… it is my mind that is tired.  I am not as active as before… maybe I am getting older… or maybe I am settling into relationship life.

I don’t feel like checking on the bar, I don’t feel like doing much of anything…. lately…. burnt out maybe…. ?? I don’t know.


I do want to write another book… lately I have been helping a lot of new comers here in china with the dating scene.  It seems I am a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dating chinese men.  So, I want to write a book about it… not just chinese men.. but all the men I have dated in my life… it is a very interesting tale… and I have a lot of stories to tell.   Just working on where to start….

Maybe that will perk me up… and get me motivated again…. I think I need something……to excite me…

The kids are better…. daughter seeing her daughter again.. although there is still drama… and a court date coming… Son making it day by day with his depression… good he recognizes when he needs to talk.

Things are pretty regular… right now…..I get a little more aggravated with people than before… maybe my patience is shot by living here so long…. or maybe I am turning into one of those mean old women… hummmm

As for the business… working on a few other ideas…that are not so complicated and expensive…. I will figure out something….

until next time…..


5 thoughts on “Things are always Changing….

  1. I agree with Ann. At times, I’ve worried about you, but your willingness to get out there and go for what you want is truly a wonder. You’re definitely an inspiration to me. I, too, hope you feel better soon. Warm Regards, K

  2. Ann

    Hope your blah’s don’t linger long. You are an inspiration to many..ok, I’ll just say myself. Can’t go around speaking for others.
    I wish you the best in your present & future endeavors!

  3. I feel you on that one,it’s good to do something different,,it makes you fill like you have gotten promoted in life…..Iam looking to come to China sometime this year,,,to see a lady friend…

  4. Susan C

    Jo your life is just one adventure after another. You are living the dream that most people can well, dream about. However I do have a question for you, did you ask him to put the apartment in your name? Call me a cynical black woman but if things go south won’t you be liable for everything and he can just walk away? Hopefully this won’t happen and your life will all that you wish it will be.

    1. I am a control freak… i want everything in my name… that way if he does walk away.. i still have a life of my own.. If everything is mine… then I feel safe.. i guess that is hard for people to understand.

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