Job Advert: I am looking for Teachers for a New App

Yes, everyone you heard correctly…. I am the new  International Marketing Director of a new app called Freebao, that is in China.  There is a new Teaching platform project I am in charge of and I need about 150 teachers.  Yes, 150 teachers to start this month. As my loyal followers I am giving you guys the first opportunity to apply before I post it all over the internet job sites.


Let me tell you a little bit about the job.   I am looking for part-time English teachers to work from home and teach 25 minute classes.  Each teacher will have to teach a minimum of 7 classes a week.

I will give you full training, lesson plans and mentoring.  The hours will be at your discretion and you are welcome to do more hours.  It is a new platform and you will be teaching Chinese students ages ranging from children to adult.

You can work from your home in any country as long as you have at least 3G connection, and a video camera.  You can be one of the first to be a teacher of the future.

The job pays 12$ and hour.  The only requirements are you must speak American English (sorry), have a degree or TESOL certificate, have some teaching experience preferred, a smart phone or pad, a Paypal account to receive payments and a the right attitude.

Sound cool?  Sound like something you maybe interested in?  Sound like a good fit for you?  Send your resume to me at, Attention: Jo, teaching position.

I will review your resume and set up an interview… I need people to start this month…. so contact me ASAP. If you mention you saw the advert on my blog you will get priority.

I will answer any and all questions in the interview. I am waiting for you….


until next time…



19 thoughts on “Job Advert: I am looking for Teachers for a New App

  1. Lor

    Awesome opportunity. Wish I was a teacher, but I will pass it along to teacher friends of mine looking for some extra money.

  2. Who made the American English rule? Most Chinese want American English…? I’m not convinced. Even if it’s most, which could be 51% that still leaves a lot that might want British.

    By the way, I’m not after a job. I’m just dismayed to think that these students won’t get a choice. I would have thought a better plan would be to hire a certain percentage of British speakers and give a choice.

    And I must say, in my language exchanges with Chinese from the PRC it seems to me that many don’t have an American accent… Though I’m in Australia so it is possible that I get contacted because I do have a Britishish accent.

    1. After a careful survey of the locals and the area the company is located American English is the perferred. I am sorry that puts you out of the running for the position. However, our company is filling a Market and the own and management all agreed that American English will be the language of choice.. since you are not interested in the job.. this should not be a concern for you.

  3. Regi

    Yes! Sounds very cool. If I wasn’t busy with school myself, crazy job and family drama, I’d love to teach English. I don’t have the time right now, but will keep you in mind for later possibly.

  4. Lisa

    Hey there! just read your post. My name is Lisa Khumalo. I am interested in participating but i speak British English. I know there are quite a few differences it has to American English. I watch a lot of American movies and read a lot of American novels and such. So is British English is not allowed? I can tone it down and make it American. I dont have an English accent. It seeps here and then but im mostly neutral.

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