My Busy World….

I know a lot of you have been wondering what happened to me….. why haven’t I been blogging as much…. well… I am not sick, 。。。。 I am not dead…. and I haven’t been kidnapped and forbidden to use the computer……hehehe…. but I have been working my ass off……

I have come to a strong realization lately that I am not getting any younger…. well.. I look younger.. but my actual age is getting up there… and I don’t have a many more good working years left.   Only about 20, so I need to start getting that retirement plan in order.   I know… Jo.. talking about retirement….. you have to understand… to me.. retirement means stop working and do what I want to do…. But to do that … I need to be stable financially…. and though I have a decent income coming in… and I am not really wanting for anything…. I don’t have a lot of money saved.   I guess that Chinese tradition of saving money… has hit me.


So what I decided to do… is to invest in several companies and create a few companies…. and live off the residue income.   But to do that… I need to work my ass off right now….. So, that brings me to why I haven’t been blogging as much.   I have been working, and investing and studying the markets….ummmm maybe I should tell you my schedule…….

wake up 6 am… it takes me about 30 to 35 minutes to get ready for the day.. then I have to wake up Jet so he can take me to the company bus stop by ebike. (electric bicycle) Then I will ride the company bus for about an hour until I get to my school to start my work day

845 am… I arrive at the school and quickly go snag a small bowl of noodles and a flavored water… my usual morning breakfast is either fried noodles or meat filled buns… I switch off every other day.. I have about 15 minutes to get to my desk in the other building and eat and make sure my lessons are prepared for the day.

900 am… first class starts…. I usually have 2 to 3 classes in the morning each class lasts about 55 minutes and there is only a 5 minute break in between each class.

12 pm… lunch time…. I usually either bring something from home like a sandwich or a salad… or I will eat something out of the company coffee shop or get some Chinese veggie and meat stir-fry.   I only have an hour for lunch… so I eat pretty quickly and take the extra time to update my class lesson plans for the afternoon.

1 pm… time to start the afternoon classes… I always have 3 classes everyday… with only a 5 min break between each hour. That is usually enough time to run to the bathroom and then back to class.

4 pm… last class over.. and time for end of the day meeting… I am the US department leader so I need to meet with my boss and other leaders and report about the US teachers and students and any changes I need to do to the curriculum.

445 pm… bus leaves to head back to Hangzhou so I can get back home… Jet is usually waiting for me when I arrive an hour later… he and I ride the Ebike back home…. now sometimes.. we have to stop at the supermarket to pick up a few things or the bank if I am out of cash. We arrive home at around 615 to 630 pm.

645 pm… I am a little tired.. but I take some time to talk to Jet about  the day and about what he has done that day… and he cooks dinner while I start my second job.  I am the Business Director of an App company.. if you read my blog before you know I am still looking for teachers and want to be teachers.   No teaching experience necessary.  I work on the lesson plans, the set up and the other information that needs to be completed on my end.

8 pm.. I eat dinner with Jet and talk to him .. so he doesn’t feel neglected.  After dinner he washes the dishes and straightens up the apartment and I go back to working my second job.

11 pm… I take a shower… and check emails… and then get into bed… of course I need to take care of my girlfriend duties.. and make sure I get the kinks out of my back… then by 1230 pm… I am sleeping

This goes on 5 days a week.. until .. Saturday… I then go into the office of the App company around 9 am and do interviews and other meetings and things that need to be taken done.  Sunday…. Is couple time… although I check my emails, and messages throughout the day…I try to devote this time to pampering Jet… because he does all the cleaning and cooking and the honey do lists I give him everyday…. I choose this time to cook for him.. usually a big breakfast and dinner.   Sunday evenings, I will go check out the bar to make sure it is running okay…. which reminds me .. through emails and messages.. I create the ads for the bar and the marketing plans each week. I do this while i am on the hour bus ride back and forth to work… My 3rd job….

Jet is taking classes to learn to be a massage therapist .. so we can open our own massage parlor….. and we usually discuss these classes and the goals regarding this plan…. I am also going to sell american products on the Wechat messaging service… to Chinese people…and Jet will be packing and mailing those out to customers.

Then Monday… I start all over again……early mornings around 530 am  everyday .. I will lay in bed and talk to my kids… on the phone and catch up on their lives and give advice…. that is the time they finish working…. in the states.

Sooooooo……. my day is full.. and my schedule is overwhelming to some… but … as an admitted workaholic…. it works for me…. I am not making excuses for not keeping my blog updated…. I am just letting everyone know… I am just a tiny bit busy….. and I have to find a spare minutes in the day to update you guys on whats going on…..

I apologize for the neglect…. but some times….. life just gets in the way….

until next time…..


3 thoughts on “My Busy World….

  1. Lea

    No worries, girl. Sounds like a pretty typical schedule for anyone makin moves to me. rise and shine! I suspect you’re probably prepping to talk with your kids about now. Wishing you an enjoyable and productive day!

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