The Rabbit Wars

So now my dearest boyfriend Jet, has brought home a rabbit, on the plus side it is cute.. not like those ugly ass crabs… and it does not make any noise.    However, I know that all rabbits do is eat and shit everywhere… oh and multiply.    I informed Jet of this… he was too busy trying to hug and kiss the thing.   So, the rabbit came in a very small cage… I told him.. the cage is too small you need to get another one…. he said.. yeah.. he would… I also told him that he needs to get a water bottle so it can have water.   He informed me that rabbits do not drink water.   I looked at him in amazement and said.. yes they do…. he firmly told me … no they do not.   I told him all mammals need water.. they just do not drink a lot of it.   He said and I quote…..This is a Chinese rabbit not an American rabbit!….I was speechless.  I said.. fine.. your rabbit friend is going to die of dehydration… he just rolled his eyes at me. 


Now, it has been a few days.. and I could see he was being more and more attached to the small bunny.   I really hoped the thing did not die..or he would be devastated.   So, Jet comes and tells me that he does not want the rabbit to be in jail, so he was not going to put him in a cage he was going to let him run free.   I told him… I am not cleaning up after that thing….. he agreed and said he would handle it.    The rabbit whose name is BaiLan…(white orchid) .. after me.. HeiLan (Black Orchid)…. is running around all happy and wild.. and all of a sudden I hear… OH MY GOD….. I shouted out .. what happened?  Jet came in with a long face… BaiLan is hurt…….I was trying to hug her and she did not like it and tried to jump and I broke her foot.  I was like … you have to be careful… you always do not know your own strength.   He looked so sad…. and I felt bad…. I told him she would be okay… just give it time to heal.   He was looking pitiful…. and said he was going jogging… I said okay.. be careful.   I knew he was hurt and he wanted to run it off.

About an hour later, he came in and shouted for me to come into the living room. I came in to see what all the fuss was….. Jet had gotten a second rabbit Jet…. because he said… BaiLan looked lonely, she needed a friend.   I was horrified.    I asked him if he knew if they were boy or girl rabbits… he claimed he did not know how to find out…. I rolled my eyes and went to pick them up so I could see their sex.  Two girls… thank goodness.

The two rabbits ran freely through out the apartment with Jet cleaning up after them and yelling at them for going to the bathroom too much.   One day .. he felt it was too hot on the balcony… so he rigged up a birdcage… so it could hang off the balcony, covered it with a towel… and tied an umbrella to it… so they could have shade.. but go to the bathroom over the balcony… (feeling bad for the people walking by)….. so he took the rabbits jogging with him… yes people .. he takes them jogging…. and he stopped to clean their small cage.. and let them run and someone came up behind and took .. Little Jet…. and evidently BaiLan hid so she could not be found.


Jet came home devastated… that someone would have the balls to steal his baby right out from under him.   He was not happy…. I said… well… I guess it was not meant to be for you to have two rabbits. 

Now it has been a month with BaiLan… her foot is healed and she is running wildly around the apartment with Jet telling her to stop going to the bathroom so much.    During this time… Jet has taught her to come when he taps the floor and stand up when he whistles.   (I did not even know rabbits could do tricks)…. She follows him around the apartment like a dog… and seems to eat what ever he gives her… even rice…(who knew)…. I did get a water bottle as a gift for him… so the damn thing won’t die… he still argues that she does not need it… I said.. fine but just hang it in there just in case.

So now .. .we are a dysfunctional family.. of Me, Jet… that damn rabbit… that is actually kind of cute….

Until Next Time。。。。。。


14 thoughts on “The Rabbit Wars

  1. Lor

    Thanks for the laughs Jo! The fish, crabs, and rabbit had me rolling! And the fact he takes the rabbit jogging. Okay now I have heard everything. I’m the opposite of you though. I couldn’t date a man that doesn’t like animals or is against having pets. I’m a pet lover. And that BaiLan is cute! I have two rabbits that come into my backyard almost everyday.

  2. Thanks Jo for causing trouble in my home. My daughter saw your post and now she wants one. I told her as my mother use to tell me, “You can have any damn thing you want as soon as you get your own place.” I might break down and get her one. Anyone, maybe you should get a cheap/used playpen for it. At least it wont be all over the place.

    1. playpen is a good idea… but now he has trained it to jump on the bed.. and use the bathroom in the bathroom… not the toilet .. just the bathroom… it comes when its called…. lord… it is getting bigger

  3. Lea

    Hey Jo. I by chance found your blog and i truly am enjoying it! I’ve been “dating” a chinese man for several years now and it’s refreshing to see you and Jet, as I am mulatto. I look forward to reading more of your blogs and will subscribe. Wishing you all the best! Madd love girl! 🙂

  4. This was so cute! I’m the same way you are about pets. Some of them are cute, but I don’t want all that responsibility haha I’m glad the rabbit is growing on you 🙂

  5. Tabitha

    To my surprised, rabbits are very smart and can even be potty trained. Back home, my aunt’s neighbor had a rabbit as a pet for years and he was potted train. So maybe your love, can try potty train the rabbit. By the way, I enjoy your blog and have followed it for a while. Thank you for keeping us posted on your life as a black women in China. I’m an expat living in South Korea.

      1. Tabitha

        Things are going good. Just trying to keep up with my one year old. Omg, she is picking up Korean because she is in daycare now. I’m in my third year here and I have days where I love it and days, when I ask what I am doing here. But I enjoy my lifestyle and thankfully, most days are good.

  6. Nola504

    So sweet , i love bunnies so much. they are friendly and rarely make noise. I HOPE YOU ALL GET MARRIED SOMEDAY. not rushing it (Ok Im…Im so happy for the both of you

    1. Why would you say that? He is 30 years old… and had such a horrible childhood, as an orphan in China… and doing prison time…. for once in his life.. he can be some place where he can have fun and enjoy himself…. I get so tired of judgmental statements… when people dont know the back story…. why do I stay young.. why do I look young… because I enjoy life…. and I enjoy Jet…. whether people think he is immature or not…

  7. Dionus Jones

    Man, Jo! When you have adventures, you REALLY have adventures. I enjoyed them so much. I LOVE animals, but unlike Jet, if I don’t know about an animal I want as a pet, I do research to find out more information. You were totally right to buy the water bottle for BaiLan. Without water, it would have died of dehydration. I think it’s great that Jet taught BaiLan tricks. Please take care of each other.

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