Menopause? or Workaholic

Jet and I have been having a heated discussion on whether I am going thru menopause or not…. I say I am just working too much .. he says I am going thru menopause.…..Honestly.. I don’t know… How does one know they are going thru menopause?   Is there a sign?… I feel normal…. they say in menopause you have hot and cold flashes… but I don’t have those… they say you cant sleep well…. I usually sleep fine...(although, I don’t sleep much…busy working) .. and the biggest thing .. lower sex drive…. now this part is true.. my sex drive is lower than before…. I use to have sex 5 to 6 times a week… now it is 5 time a month…. yeah.. I know… big drop… but I work three jobs…. so I am very tired.  But he thinks …. I am more moody and lower sex…. it must be menopause.45478185eaiec_sm

Is this what men do… as soon as something changes it is menopause as the excuse… it seems to be in China.  My friends also get this from their spouses….. whenever they are in a bad mood or don’t want sex… the big “M” word comes out…. give me a break.

I am busy with my professional life… I honestly forget to have sex…. and this may sound crazy .. since I have such an attractive man…. I miss being single…. no-no no… don’t get me wrong.. I love Jet.. and would trade him for the world…. but .. when I was single… I could have sex whenever I wanted .. with who ever I wanted.   If I want to go to the bar and pick up someone new .. I could… now… I don’t have the variety anymore….  This doesn’t mean I am going to go cheat or that I am not going to be with Jet…. I am not going to mess up the good relationship I have.   I just think it has changed my interest in sex.    I also think I am older…. not that much be my needs have changed…… is that Menopause?…. (now he has me thinking about it)…..

I feel… my sex drive is just as strong as ever…. I just need to stop working so much…. I think the stress of my professional life has hindered my sex life… and the moodiness…. well I have always been moody… so that is nothing new….ha-ha

But just in case….maybe I should do some research on Menopause…. I am turning 47 next year…. i need to be ready….


until next time….


10 thoughts on “Menopause? or Workaholic

  1. I started showing signs when I was 45. I would have a period every three months. By the time I was 50, it had stopped. Most of my friends have hot flashes, I only had one really bad one and that was it.

  2. Lor

    Yeah age can’t be a factor because with each woman its different. I have a friend who went through menopause at 35! And some women don’t go through it until a lot later. It might just be stress. Its amazing how much stress can affect your body. My hair falls out! Not good!

  3. Lyn

    You are definitely working (too) much. Make quality time for your man…If you don’t…..

    He needs attention as well. And, so do you. Doesn’t always have to be sex..But…Men LOVE sex.
    Best to you

  4. Lor

    Your body could be “starting” to go into menopause. Are you still having periods? And not everyone has hot flashes/cold sweats. As a matter of fact the majority of Asian women don’t have symptoms due to their diets. I know you are not Asian, but you have adopted their diet. I had to have a hysterectomy a few years ago. So my body started going into menopause. I just don’t have symptoms.

    Normally after your last period (ever) you have hit menopause.

  5. You’re in the right age bracket. You start having missed periods until it just completely stops. Personally, I asked my doctor when I was about your age and he told me that I was too young. But I knew that he was wrong. because two years later, he tells me I’m menopausal. I don’t have hot flashes, thank God. And my sex drive hasn’t slowed down. In fact, he’s telling me he has a headache, lol.

  6. The thing about menopause is that, unlike when you hit puberty and one month you don’t have a period and the next month you do, menopause is slow. It can slowly build up over several years. You are old enough for this. I started at 48. As for sex – that always changes – may or may not be the big M. Look for ways to change it up – Read Fifty Shades for ideas. Play with telling Jet fantasies about other men while you take care of him – can be surprisingly interesting. Way better than the bar scene, although you and he might go to a bar first for fantasy material. Don’t blame it on work. Just go with the new you.

  7. ann

    It’s possible. 47? Yes it is. But every woman is different. I found out just after Katrina, that hurt more than Katrina. However, you said you are busy and that may be the real reason. Remember you need more sleep or your overall health may suffer. Good luck.

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