So many things … but so little time

I have been working my ass off…. there are so many things going on in my life…. I will probably be posting a lot of post in the next week to catch every one up to date.

I want to first say that Jet and I are still going strong… we get closer and closer every day.IMG_8744

I have started my hair/clothing social media business.  Yep.. I sell hair and Women’s clothes. Its going pretty well. I still teach and have the app company and the bar… I have Jet help me with the hair business .. he handles my packing shipping and helps me deal with the factories.  Its our own little business.  I will have a website up soon so you guys can check it out.

My app company is getting bigger and bigger.  I have added a Free Talk class to it.  It is now the largest global multi language app out there.   It is so exciting.  By the way I am looking for people who want to earn some money just talking to Chinese people thru an app in your free time.   Any language welcome.   contact my HR department ( if you are interested in joining up.  It’s just talking to people through my app and making a few dollars while you do it.  Chinese people just want to practice their English with a native speaker…. or Spanish, French, Germany, Russian, Japanese, Korean … whatever.   Not only for Chinese people… for anyone that wants to practice their language skills or learn some new language from a native speaker of that language.  I am very excited about this app… go Check it out Freebao.  IMG_7457

The bar is also doing well.  It now has a new kitchen… yep big time western food.   I don’t spend as much time there as I used to but I am still one of the shareholders of an awesome bar.

I keep getting more and more opportunities presented to me and I feel I should consider every offer seriously.   I never thought my professional life would end up being so fulfilling. You never know what life is going to bring you, I guess.

My family  back home are doing well, kids are living their lives and doing their best to be successful in their dreams.   Grand-kids are growing up fast.  I have to say… maybe moving to China was the best choice for me.


until next time….



6 thoughts on “So many things … but so little time

  1. Lor

    Glad to hear that things are gong so well! When you are positive and have the right people around you blessings chase you down! Continued success!

  2. would love to talk to Chinese people. My native language is English. I studied Chinese for a couple of years, but was never fluent. I assume they will want to practice English. I also have a question to get the conversation started. For young mothers and grandmothers, is there anything they want to say to the other generation that they feel strongly about as advice about raising the grandchildren? I have written one book where I asked this question of 40 mothers and grandmothers in the US and would like to ask the same question of Chinese mothers and grandmothers. For the U.S. book, answers came back like “I am not your babysitter! (from a grandmother who wanted to travel). “Your son is not perfect! (from a daughter-in-law who was tired of the assumption that her husband could do no wrong)

    I got started when i visited China a couple of years ago and asked this question of my tour guides. I got interesting answers back, like “diapers will not keep a child from walking straight” (a difference of opinion between a mother and her mother).

    Let me know how to sign up for your app.

  3. pearls

    Awesome girl friend…just plain AWESOME! You’re doing it all ’til you’re SATISFIED! I’m interested in earning extra money helping folks hon their English. Will contact you soon. Ciao Bella!

  4. Hi! I came across your page about a month or two ago and I love it 🙂 I’m very happy to see that you are doing well and thriving in every area of your life; that’s very inspiring for me, especially since I plan to come to China soon. What are some good programs/schools that you recommend to come and teach English over there?

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