I have been working my ass off…. there are so many things going on in my life…. I will probably be posting a lot of post in the next week to catch every one up to date.

I want to first say that Jet and I are still going strong… we get closer and closer every day.IMG_8744

I have started my hair/clothing social media business.  Yep.. I sell hair and Women’s clothes. Its going pretty well. I still teach and have the app company and the bar… I have Jet help me with the hair business .. he handles my packing shipping and helps me deal with the factories.  Its our own little business.  I will have a website up soon so you guys can check it out.

My app company is getting bigger and bigger.  I have added a Free Talk class to it.  It is now the largest global multi language app out there.   It is so exciting.  By the way I am looking for people who want to earn some money just talking to Chinese people thru an app in your free time.   Any language welcome.   contact my HR department (hr@freebao.com) if you are interested in joining up.  It’s just talking to people through my app and making a few dollars while you do it.  Chinese people just want to practice their English with a native speaker…. or Spanish, French, Germany, Russian, Japanese, Korean … whatever.   Not only for Chinese people… for anyone that wants to practice their language skills or learn some new language from a native speaker of that language.  I am very excited about this app… go Check it out Freebao.  IMG_7457

The bar is also doing well.  It now has a new kitchen… yep big time western food.   I don’t spend as much time there as I used to but I am still one of the shareholders of an awesome bar.

I keep getting more and more opportunities presented to me and I feel I should consider every offer seriously.   I never thought my professional life would end up being so fulfilling. You never know what life is going to bring you, I guess.

My family  back home are doing well, kids are living their lives and doing their best to be successful in their dreams.   Grand-kids are growing up fast.  I have to say… maybe moving to China was the best choice for me.


until next time….