Hello People….. I know its been like forever…. so much is going on in my life.. I barely have time to stop and breathe…. let alone update my blog… but I know some of you are worried.. I saw it on my twitter feed…. those of you that connect with me on my Facebook page.. are aware that I remarried this year….. Yep… I jumped the broom again… this time… it is right…. It feels different from any other marriage that I have had.. I think I got it right this time.   Yes, he is Chinese and yes… he is the muscle-bound cutie I have been dating for the past year and a half.



What have I been doing all this time.. you are thinking…. well making changes….. changes… and more changes. My hair and clothing wechat business is really taking off….. I have increased my customer base three-folds in the past year.  I have gotten better factory suppliers, better quality of products and more efficient.  Kaizen (continuous improvement) is the key to ongoing success.


I have decided to switch teaching jobs.. to another small city that is more business oriented place so my new hubby and I can expand our business endeavors and maybe create some new side businesses, the opportunities are endless.  IMG_6803

I have made new friends and lost unnecessary friends…. I have basically started the next chapter of my life.  The finally chapter.. I like to say…. I have grown older, wiser and yet stayed fabulous….. (working in fashion and hair does that to you.) …. I am not only continuously improving my business… I am continuously improving myself.


With this new chapter in my life… I need to start blogging again to share with everyone… how to reinvent yourself.. how to start again… and how to keep growing and learning … even at my ripe old age of 47.   (by the way.. new hubby is 30… yep.. I’m still cougar-ing….)

So many things have happened in the past year…. It’s really too much to try to share with you guys at this time…. let’s just say .. there was good, bad.. and ugly… I am still invested in the Bar.. and the App company… they are still in my portfolio of ongoing businesses… I am just adding to my empire.

My kids and grand kids are doing wonderfully…. and my family seems to be getting along alright.  So, I am spending a lot of time doing me.. and my future plan.  (you know to retire in a big house on the beach… with some local island people)

I will be looking for people in the future that are interested in doing business in China… so hit me up… I will be looking for teachers, sellers, wholesalers…. etc.

That’s all for not…

until next time……