G20 summit

China has started the 100 day count down til the G20 summit. For those who don’t know what that is I will explain. Well about 9 to 12 countries send their leaders to meet and discuss Global issues and the environment.  This year is the first year China has ever hosted it. So, of course they have to go big. Well Obama is coming so this is the chance for China to show off.

Unfortunately for us that means a lot of changes around here. Hangzhou is going to be the place where the hosting will be held. Yippee, it happens to be where I live. So, to keep everyone “safe” they have enforced some rules. 

Some of the crazy rules are   No one can work during the two to three weeks. All companies must shut down. Next is if you leave the city you will not be allowed back until after the summit. I think the hardest part for me is the blocking of all VPNs. 

Another thing that’s been happening is that Police have been going door to door checking IDs and passports. All small things that they usually let pass are now strictly enforced. Even the street vendors have been chased away to keep the city looking modern. 

At first I was excited that my president was coming to see me. But after all these rules and checks and double checks, I will be happier than a dog with two tails when all this crap is over. 

Big brother is really watching….for at least the next 100 days.  Then things are back to normal and petty crimes and littering are back. 

Well, I do do my best to keep writing but if you see I am out of commission for a few days or weeks; please remember ….it G20 time.  

Until next time…. 


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