The Puppy Project

As you know my husband loves animals and I really don’t like them. Nothing against the things; I just don’t like feeding them, cleaning after them or take care of them. Otherwise, they are okay and some even cute. (On TV) Well, we have went through a host of animals that include fish, rabbits (still have the white one) birds and even those damn crabs. However, these have only been substitute animals for what he really wanted which is a dog. His excuse was that rabbits don’t talk to him or jog and fish tend to die and don’t talk either. 

So, Jet’s best friend called him and said he had a surprise for him. Jet was like ok cool what is it?  Well, it turns out that the friends dog had puppies.  Jet was thrilled…. He immediately started cleaning. I said what are you doing? He said I don’t want the dog to come to a dirty house. (Smh) I just looked at him running around speechless. (His OCD was kicking in).

Well, finally the day came when this thing was supposed to arrive. Jet paced all day until 3 pm when his friend called and said he was downstairs. 

Then lo and behold it was here. Mocha….

He was already named after a cup of his favorite coffee. It seems to be a terrier mix with I don’t know what; but it is very small. We were told he won’t get much bigger. 

I guess it was love at first sight between the two. 

My husband quickly got one of my good bowls to put water in it for the dog. I was not having that. 

So I went on and bought a dog dish combo and then I figured it needed a collar and a leash. Then I thought I don’t want him using my shampoo on it, so I bought puppy shampoo and conditioner. I figured it would probably chew on my shoes so I had better buy it some toys to chew on.  Well, I thought about the bathroom issue so I bought some training pads and some spray that is supposed to make him want to use them. I was almost done when I thought I better get some puppy chow and those meat bone chewing things for puppies. As I scrolled through the puppy stuff online I realized I had spent over 500 Rmb on this animal. 

He was more expensive than a kid and I didn’t even get to his clothes and shoes  yet. (Well, they were cute….don’t judge me) 

Things have been going ok except for the fact he thinks 5:00 am is the proper time to wake people up.  (This will be what gets him killed in the end.) 

But when I see how happy my husband is with this puppy and how hard he is trying to get me to like him, I just don’t have the heart to tell him to take it away.  

And I guess he is kind of cute …, we have added to our home Zoo….. again. But I tell you what this is it …..or one of us will be sleeping outside with all HIS animals. #Imeanthat

Until next time….. 


12 thoughts on “The Puppy Project

  1. Lor

    OMG! Send him to me! I love dogs!

    The downside is that it is a puppy though so a lot of training. Some dog advice. The spray (at least what we have in the States) isn’t that great. Plus its a puppy so they (like children) have no control. The pads will work, make sure to take him out every couple of hours to go. He will learn to tell you when he needs to potty. Luckily he is small so small poop! You can get a crate (another expense!) to keep him in. They won’t go where they live/sleep so to speak. This will train it to hold its water.

    Be careful with chew toys to make sure they are not made with harmful products. I know a few years ago some had lead in them. Is China really anal about rabies? I mean do pets have to get all the shots like in the States? That is another thing you have to spend money on. Most people do not think about the cost of all this when they get pets. Its really like having children. You have to plan for it and still not be ready when they arrive. Oh did you get him a bed too? My sister’s dog sleep in her bed or stays in it mostly except when she wants to play. As the pup gets older it will learn your sleep pattern. So if you start getting up at say 6 every morning to let it out; then it will get up at that time all the time or close to it.

    Pet shampoo is actually better then human shampoo.

    Have fun with your new addition! And seriously you can send him to me if you don’t want him!

  2. Lor

    OMG send him to me! I LOVE dogs (well all animals)!

    Some puppy advice. They can’t and shouldn’t use human shampoo. Its too harsh on their skin. Think of sulfate shampoo on black hair! Be careful with the chew toys because some are made with harmful products.

    The downside is its a puppy! They are cute, but you have to do all the training. Kind of like raising a child really. Honestly, I don’t think the spray is that great, but maybe there is something better over there. The pads will work, but only if you make sure the dogs goes ONLY on them or outside. Actually they should be a last resort. Just take it outside ever couple of hours to go. Control the amount of water you give it throughout the day. Start extending when you take it outside to go. Eventually it will learn to control its bladder and can hold it for hours (not too long!). My sister’s dog can wait until she gets home at the end of the day. Of course its an older dog (small also). You can crate it (another expense) when you are away (they won’t go where they sleep) to help train it. Its a small dog thankfully (small poop)!

    Don’t forget about vet bills also! if they do all that over there for the shots (rabies, etc.). That is another expense. The downside of pets is most people do not think about the cost of having one. They are worth it, but pretty much like having a four legged child that chews up money!

    Have fun!

      1. Lor

        Surrrrre you are! I had a friend who said the same thing when his wife got a cat. Fast forward a few years and he is always baby talking to it and cuddling with it!

        1. Honey, you don’t know me. I really hate having animals around. I can barely tolerate fish. If that puppy needs food or anything I just yell for jet to come get it away from me. I just don’t do animals.

  3. C.D.Lewis

    I understand. I don’t like animals at all. Especially Dogs and Cats. I feel that no matter who the animal is purchased for, the other will always be the one having to deal with it (sitting on furniture, sleeping in bed, feeding when person is not at home, etc.) I am not for Cleaning up after anything other than children and the elderly. But, I do wish you and Jet much happiness with your puppy.

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