I guess you all have heard about the detergent ad in China. If you haven’t I will briefly explain it. 

The ad starts with an attractive Chinese woman standing over a washing machine. Then a black guy that looks like a painter because he has paint all over him walks in the room and notices her. She does a seductive smile and calls him over. He is obviously turned on and comes close to her like he will kiss her but instead she shoves a detergent ball thingy in his mouth and pushes him in the washer and closes the lid. A few seconds later she raises the lid and a very attractive, white skinned Chinese man comes out and she is obviously happy.  Then the credits come on. 

Well, all of the world is in an uproar over this commerical saying its racist and other things. One of my readers asked me what I thought.  Personally, I can understand why everyone in the States is upset. With all that’s going on in America right now with race relations this is just the icing on the cake. However, after being in China for 9 years I want to explain something. 

Racism in China isn’t the same as racism in other countries.  Racism in China is honestly there because they really don’t know. There are only about 600,000 foreigners that live in China and a very few are black.  On top of that the majority of blacks live in the larger cities of Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. So most of the billions of Chinese people that live here have never seen a black person in real life and has no idea what offends them or what doesn’t.   That being said I can understand if they were not aware that the ad would offend people. However, if they did that kind of ad in America then I would be more upset because they know better. 

But, I think the important part is how the government dealt with the issue.  Once the Chinese government realized that the ad was offensive they quickly removed it, apologized for it, punished the company for it and have now passed a new law stating that no ad that discriminates against race, nationality or sex will be allowed and is punishable by law. All this happened in the stretch of two weeks. Say what you want about China but that is efficiency. 

There is no other country I know that moved that quickly to ensure it never happens again and to prove to the world that they don’t condone racism. 

Was the ad racist of course, but am I upset about it. No. Because China has proven to me that they are trying to get it together. I cannot really say the same about my own country right now. 

Until next time ….