Since I have been in China, it literally feels like time stands still over here. I have been here 9 years and it only feels like 2 years. So, many things over here I have yet to see even after all this time. 

However, as time stands still here; it keeps moving in America. When I left Obama was just running for President and now he is finishing his second term.  When I left Trump was still doing his tv show and Lil’John was winning all the challenges and not trying to ruin the country. When I left Nikki Minaj was still dressing like a Barbie doll and not trying to be a real singer; Janet was kind of acting in Tyler Perry movies and not having a baby with a billionaire Muslim guy; RuPaul’s Drag Race was not on the air yet; Patti didn’t have any pies ; and Kevin Hart was just starting to teach people how to “learn today”. 

So many things have happened that I missed. The Most traumatic for me was Whitney, Natalie Cole, Robin Williams, Bobby Kristina, Maya Angelou, BB King dying. However, I was devistated when Prince died. My love, My world My Prince. 

I was and still am heartbroken. I even invested in a guitar to idolize him (being made) and getting a tattoo. 

To keep him with me forever.  All my idols and favorite stars are dying on me. I am also losing friends and family members. 

My life in China is good and I speak to my kids in America almost daily. (Thank you social media) But am I missing too much….

I look back at my “home” and I see hatred, racism, bullying, stabbings, shootings, kids being raped and killed, people just destroying each other. I think to myself… What is happening to my home???  Where is the America I know and I have been bragging about over here?  Where is the love ? 

Am I missing something…..yes, I am missing the time when I lived in America. I am missing my friends at that time. I am missing my family at that time. I am missing my Idols at that time.  But Am I missing the America today?? No…. When I look at America today…. I know I did the right thing by leaving.  What I see online and on Tv is not my America…that is not the place I was so proud of…..Please get it together America…. We are losing face…we are losing respect…and we are losing …..our home. 

Until Next Time……