Why is Everything Changing?

Since I have been in China, it literally feels like time stands still over here. I have been here 9 years and it only feels like 2 years. So, many things over here I have yet to see even after all this time. 

However, as time stands still here; it keeps moving in America. When I left Obama was just running for President and now he is finishing his second term.  When I left Trump was still doing his tv show and Lil’John was winning all the challenges and not trying to ruin the country. When I left Nikki Minaj was still dressing like a Barbie doll and not trying to be a real singer; Janet was kind of acting in Tyler Perry movies and not having a baby with a billionaire Muslim guy; RuPaul’s Drag Race was not on the air yet; Patti didn’t have any pies ; and Kevin Hart was just starting to teach people how to “learn today”. 

So many things have happened that I missed. The Most traumatic for me was Whitney, Natalie Cole, Robin Williams, Bobby Kristina, Maya Angelou, BB King dying. However, I was devistated when Prince died. My love, My world My Prince. 

I was and still am heartbroken. I even invested in a guitar to idolize him (being made) and getting a tattoo. 

To keep him with me forever.  All my idols and favorite stars are dying on me. I am also losing friends and family members. 

My life in China is good and I speak to my kids in America almost daily. (Thank you social media) But am I missing too much….

I look back at my “home” and I see hatred, racism, bullying, stabbings, shootings, kids being raped and killed, people just destroying each other. I think to myself… What is happening to my home???  Where is the America I know and I have been bragging about over here?  Where is the love ? 

Am I missing something…..yes, I am missing the time when I lived in America. I am missing my friends at that time. I am missing my family at that time. I am missing my Idols at that time.  But Am I missing the America today?? No…. When I look at America today…. I know I did the right thing by leaving.  What I see online and on Tv is not my America…that is not the place I was so proud of…..Please get it together America…. We are losing face…we are losing respect…and we are losing …..our home. 

Until Next Time……


12 thoughts on “Why is Everything Changing?

  1. Ann

    I feel you. While I feel America has always been problematic. It does seem we are veering off course yet again.

    I’m glad you’re doing well

  2. Ann

    Jo, Is China really banning intermarriage for its women?
    I read that on bbw. I guess too many women have married out and that leaves the men single longer. Well that is what happens when men or valued more than women.

  3. Shareena Clarke

    I think that change is good but in the back of our mind, we sometimes have those doubts. I’m not American but I do have American relatives. What I have seen happening at talks/events where Donald Trump is,by his supporters. Is deeply unsettling. Worst still, he appears to praise their behaviour. The last thing I read was that a 15 year old girl had been attacked and groped at one of his rallies. It’s not my concern but with America being one of the most influential and powerful countries in the world. I hope that Americans choose their next leader wisely.

  4. jlee247352

    You are right, this country is going crazy, all the other countries see us as crazy country, bully have been around for a long time and is still going on, school sweep under the rug so they have to deal with this until parents sue the school, racist is getting real bad here, even cop who don’t like minority, I have been stop cause I’m an older Asian, I heard some of them swear at and want to put in jail because of a Chinese, there also been a lots of shooting in the east bay of California, about 30 for no reason, if Trump elect it will get worst, he bully his way up and insult anyone who in his. The minority will get kill or pick on thanks to Trump, the poor will suffer more and the rich will gain, is been that way for a long time, these government don’t care about the citizens they most seve, they care more about their own pocket that why I give up on voting

  5. Nama-mama

    For me it is the opposite, everything is constantly changing here and America feels the same. I just went back in May for two weeks, and the only thing that felt different was that I can see my parents are getting older. Everyone is running around doing what they do. On a larger political scale it is pretty scary, and I am glad I left too. I have no desire to go back and live there. It’s interesting the perceptions different people have about the same thing.

  6. Anonymous

    It’s pretty sad how propaganda can change your mind about America. The media exaggerates everything but all is well. There have been huge improvements sadly other countries try to paint Obamaas a weak and failing president but after America was attacked but Osama and after the housing crash the economy is better, unemployment is great and although it looks like we are going backwards there have been so many opportunities for minorities particularly black people. They have so many roles on television and in movies and they haven’t been depicted in racist ads.

    The media and other countries try to present America as failing because that’s what they want but we aren’t. We’ve minimized our role in wars to soften our image but not to make us look weak therefore Russia has taken advantage and has taken initiative in the Middle East. We are friends with Cuba and American hotels are already opening there. Iran is now friendly with us and the embargo has ended. Pilots down thanks to the help of Iran flooding the market with oil. Things are good in America despite the political things going on. I am proud and will always be proud to be American and you should to.

    1. Despite the political things??? The political things are what the world sees. No one overseas thinks Obama is weak. Actually over here he is Considered one of the best presidents we ever had. What I am saying is this….the America I remember is gone. I went to an all white High School in a small backward town and the racism wasn’t as bad as it is now in America. Race relations are very important to me since my kids and grandkids are biracial. I’m not clueless to what is going on in America. I don’t listen to Chinese hype. I listen to my own people and my own family and friends. Things are not the same and there are many changes that are not for the better.

      1. Lor

        I’m guessing that comment is from a non-minority point of view. Or someone who has found one heck of a rock to live under!

  7. Jocelyn - Speaking of China

    Well said, Jo. I feel the same way about America today. Indeed, it is not the country I was once proud of. Very sad.

    Keep it coming!

  8. Ruthie Robinson

    What a lovely post! I don’t mean just the things you’ve said but the way in which you say them.

    Keep posting!

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