Well, kids I have decided to move to a new school in a new city. Currently, I am the US Curriculum Manager at an international college. I have been here for 4 years and I decided for several reasons it was time to change jobs. 

Many people would think I was crazy. High salary, stable job, and fairly high position, why leave? 

I think my reasons for changing jobs and cities are two-fold. First, I accepted a position at a smaller school, in a smaller city for less base salary…. I know ….WTF?

Let me explain, you see I am a person that follows my gut. I did it when I moved to Florida back in the day, I did it when I quit my job in the states to do my own business, I did it when I decided to move to China and I did it when I decided to move to Hangzhou. Everytime, I made these Changes everyone said I was stupid and I would fail and Every time I proved them wrong and have become successful dispite their negativity and I feel this move is the same. 

I have accepted a position as Director of overseas and Manager of Teofl/ILETs Department. I will be training teachers, teaching Exam English, teaching business English and sending students abroad to study. I know that’s a mouthful. I will still continue my clothing and hair business, I will still consult with my app company and bar. 

One of the reasons I took the job is because of the potential. I have a 30% commission on top of my base salary. This motivates me to achieve more and to be more successful. The other reason and I think main reason is my husband.  

I am 47 years old and I have accomplished many things and have achieved many successes. However, my husband at 31 yrs old has not. He still has many things to achieve. We are moving to a city that is known for business and manufacturing. I want to be there to support my husband in accomplishing his dreams and goals. 

I am on the road to retirement age and I want to make sure he is secure in what he is doing in life so  I don’t need to worry about myself when I retire.  I guess you can say supporting him also helps myself. 

Change is scary, but not feeling secure in you retirement age is scarier. Wish me luck in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province. But I feel confident in my choice because my gut never steers me wrong 

Until Next Time….