The Move to Yiwu

Well today was our move to Yiwu and boy was it a Chinese Drama. 
It’s started yesterday. The landlord was trying to get out of paying us what he owed. See we had made a deal, we paid two months and if we found someone to sublease he would pay us back one month and our deposit.  He came in and checked everything and then said he was only giving us a half a month, Because he was inconvenienced.  Well, Jet wasn’t going for that bullshit, he said if the guy didn’t pay him he would knock on the door everyday of the new tenants until he paid.  So the guy agreed to pay. 

So, this morning the movers arrived at 5 am. (I wasn’t ready) we were still in the bed. The were at the gate. Jet threw on some shorts and tshirt and went to meet them. I grabbed some clothes and locked myself in the bathroom. I still had one more day of work at my old job. 

It seems while I was in the bathroom the guards would not let the Truck come into the complex because it would wake up the neighbors.  Jet again had to lose his mind. He told them….loudly… That they better let the truck in or he was going to beat the crap out of all of them. (He never learned that saying about not burning bridges) They finally let them in the complex. 

While I was in the bathroom they had started moving things out. They did not realize that a foreigner was in the apartment. I finally came out in full make up and dressed for work and all the movers froze where they were and stared at me. No sound …. Just open mouthed stares…..That was when Jet walked into the apartment. He noticed they were all staring at me and began to shout at them to stop staring at his wife and finish moving shit. That seemed to light a fire under them because then they started moving in overdrive. 

So renting agent came to sign off on the apartment so we could get paid. Afterward Jet called the landlord and said okay everything checks out send the payment through. (We pay through a phone app called Alipay…kind of like Apple Pay but better) the landlord decided to show his ass and say he isn’t paying anything. 

Jet said calmly….”it’s ok we will take this refrigerator and washing machine as payment received.” All of a sudden money appeared in our account and he was on his way to Yiwu. 

I was on my way to work. Teaching the little critters for the last time. It was quite said many teachers were not happy. I think they were really gonna miss me.  (Even though I am only gonna be a 30 min. Fast train ride away). 

Classes over I had an hour bus ride back to the city, a half hour taxi ride to the train station and I’m currently on the fast train to Yiwu. 
New chapter starting…bound to be interesting. 

Until next time….


9 thoughts on “The Move to Yiwu

  1. Ann

    Landlords can be such a bitch when its time for them to repay what they owe. Good for Hubby. Yes, one adventure closes and another one begins.

    Good Luck.

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