So, before I give you an update about how I’m doing in Yiwu; I need to tell you what has lhappened in Hangzhou the city I just moved from.  So, I have this really good friend and he is like Jet’s best friend from Xinjiang Province China. This is very far west of China on the map. Some say it’s not even really part of China. The people there are mostly Muslim and they really don’t even look like your typical Chinese people. 
So, any who…my friend is an English teacher, DJ  and inspiring movie director.  He studied in the states. 

 Due to G20 summits that will be held in Hangzhou in Sept. China has been tightening  security by double checking visas and residences of foreign and local. People. They have cleaned up everything and made everyone start obeying traffic laws and shut down anything that is even slightly illegal or that makes China look bad.  

Jet and I got checked several times before we moved. Mostly, him due to his criminal past. So, back to my friend. In his province there is a lot of issues with them wanting to be their own country, since China doesn’t really care about them anyway. So there have been terriorist acts against people in protest of these rights. China has pretty much squashed any kind of rebellion with a quickness.  

However, because of that past situation  the mindset is that they are found to be dangerous people and with ISIS stuff going on they are also feared. 

So, my friend got checked for this G20 summit like everyone else. However, his ID card said he was from Xinjiang Province.  He was told by the police that it’s no problem and he was fine. Then later they went to the boss of his school that he had worked at for 3 years and told them they had to fire him. The next day they told his landlord that he can’t rent to him, after he lived there for three years. 

Therefore, after three years of living quietly with his girlfriend in their little apartment he was jobless, and homeless and all of a sudden friendless. 
He called me and told me what had happened. I told him my new school in Yiwu needed teachers I will see what I could do.  I did talk to my Boss and as the most experienced and highest ranking teacher in the school they agreed to interview him. 

I told him to come to yiwu for the interview. He arrived and went to the hotel and they refused to give him a room.  They said they were not allowed to rent to Xinjiang People.  Jet quickly went to get him and brought him to our place. So he is currently staying on our sofa and working as a teacher at my school. 

He looked so distraught and downtrodden, like he wanted to give up. I told him “hey welcome to being a Black Person in America. You can’t just lay down and give up. Take what has happened and let it make you stronger. You overcome and you learn from it and grow as a person.”

He said he doesn’t know what he would have done without us. I told him that I know what it is like to have no one who cares or helps. So, I do what I can. 

Our place is super small and he is sleeping on our futon sofa. But he isn’t homeless, jobless or friendless anymore. 

Until next time…..