So, boys and girls here is an update on how I am doing. I guess ok. I feel I am having a little trouble adjusting to Yiwu City. It is so much different than Hangzhou. 

The city has many, many foreign faces and large amount of foreign food restaurants. But it seems a bit ….I can’t think of the correct words… “Old Fashioned”? 

For example, most apartments are old with no elevators with up to 6 floors or no washing machines. They don’t have proper showers. The shower is connected directly to the water tank which sits above the toilet. So, it’s kind of like taking a shower while you are on the toilet. Who does that???

They traffic is deadly here. The crosswalks are just for show I guess, because no car stops at them. 

The people I work with are kind and they are accepting, However the people in Yiwu in general are a bit rude. Maybe because they are all focusing on doing business but they just aren’t so friendly. 

Usually, I can adjust quickly to new places.  However, I don’t know if it’s because I’m older or I’m tired but I’m a little stressed these days. 

Overtime, I am sure I will be fine. But it just seems to be taking a little longer this time. 

I am dealing with some visa issues right now, so I decided to Change my visa type to spouse visa.  We will see how that works out. 

Business is doing ok and husband is trying to help make my adjustment easier.  Don’t know what I would do without him. 

Until Next time …..