I’m sure you are confused by the title of this one. Well, as you know I am all about business ventures and getting my hustle on, it’s just in my blood. I have started another one, but this time I am partnering up with my good friend here in Yiwu city, Lita. 

Ms. Lita is also a Black American woman married to a Chinese man. She is a few years younger than me and from the Georgia area. This woman is a fabulous cook, no, I must say Master Chef.  I mean I can put together some decent dishes but this woman has butter-flavored Crisco running through her veins. 

Her red velvet cakes, caramel banana bread, and handmade cookies will make you want to slap your mama and grandmama. 

So, we decided to go into business together and open up a little delivery only bakery. A online bakery per se. We are using the popular app Wechat and we are taking orders through this app and our husbands are delivering and mailing out the desserts. Freshly made every day. 

I am the business marketing, advertising person and she is the baker. We both work together on design and details. 

In my mind this is innovative and cost efficient way to start our business with the ability to reach more people than a brick and mortar shop. 

We are starting with cookies and fruit crumbles, peach and apple crumbles to be exact. We will individually wrap the cookies and put them in decorative boxes. Black and deep purple are our colors, and elegance and high-end products are our focus. We will also do those big cookies and cookie bouquets. Lita even has the great idea to do various holiday DYI Baskets. 

We are going to put Yiwu on its Ear. They ain’t ready for this…..American homemade confections that are gonna rock these peoples’ world. 

Our Grand Opening is the second week of October and we are planning a tasting party to get things rolling. My gut tells me this is gonna be big. Watch out China things are about to get real sweet around here. 

Until next time. …..