Visas in China

As you know a visa is required to stay in China. To legally work in China you must have a working visa and to get this visa you need an expert certificate that needs to be sponsored by an employer.  

Usually this process takes about 15 to 30 days to complete. But because of the G20 summit everything has changed. Now, not only do you have to provide the original copy of your degree you also have to provide a non-criminal certificate that proves you are not a criminal in your country. If you do not have these certificates you will not be allowed to work in China.  This process now takes 30 to 45 days and it doesn’t matter how long you have lived in China, it’s mandatory. 

So, good points, they are check teachers for a better quality education for their students. Bad point, it’s harder and harder to find qualified teachers. 

Schools are stuggling with these new rules, since many foreigners need to return home to get the newly required documents and then decide not to return.  

Good point, real teachers are able to make a difference in these students lives and not be hired just on appearance. Bad point, teachers are asking for higher salaries because of the extra hassles and many schools can’t afford to pay these teachers higher rates, therefore the students that need the help most won’t have it available to them. 

I may decide to switch to a spouse visa. No China doesn’t really have a green card system and when you are on a spouse visa you are not allowed to work for any company. So I would have to only do business and depend on my husband for financial support. (Not something I am used to). 

But it beats what happens if you violate the working visa law. Your punishments range from jail time, fines to banned from China for 10 yrs. (yeah, they aren’t playing) or all three. Depends on the mood of the judge and if your horescope is favorable that day. 

My current visa is valid until February next year. So, I am cool for now but lord knows what the laws will change too next year. 

China changes its immigration laws as often as I change my underwear so you never know what hoop we need to jump through next. Hopefully, things will calm down after this Summit. It just seems like the whole world is going crazy. 
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10 thoughts on “Visas in China

  1. Sam

    Definitely harder to enter China now…I went over in 2012 – my school had a lot of guanxi in the city and there were no issues. 2016, I applied and accepted a job at a university in a different province and every single document was scrutinized. I finally decided that maybe I’d rather just go somewhere other than the mainland after I was requested to take a picture holding my college diploma and another pic of it lying flat. The scan I sent over wasn’t enough. *sigh* Hope it works out for ya, Jo!

  2. Lor

    I curious about the teachers. Since they do not have enough qualified teachers; does China prefer foreign teachers? Or is it because of the English aspect (they feel foreign teachers will do a better job teaching it? Or is it just a shortage of teachers period?

    1. It is teachers to teach English. There are only five countries the consider native speaking countries. America Canada uk Ireland Australia and New Zealand. Only these countries are considered native English teachers. However, there are fewer and fewer English teachers from these countries. There are plenty of Chinese teachers. But most people want a native speaker to teach them.

      1. Lor

        Okay I see. Seems they want the teachers, but are making it hard for the teachers to come if we go by what the gentleman said above. I think if its so hard to get into the country that will cause problems especially if they have a growing demand for English teachers.

        I think another reason is (at least for Americans) most do not know they can teach there or maybe do not want to.

  3. Deb

    What an informative blog. Good point you made about real teachers. I hope all goes well after the Summit. Especially for foreigners who genuinely want to teach.

  4. Really wonder now about the Chinese version of the green card. All I know it is extremely hard to get and I only know two guys who actually got those cards. Funny though they had often enough trouble because of the card as most of the airport staff doesn’t even know about that card/ knows how it looks like!

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