A bit of Overkill I think..

Due to this G20 Summit the entire Province of Zhejiang is under the watchful eye of Big Brother. It seems that this summit on peace and environmental safety has caused many people many problems. 

No only the fact my friend from Xinjiang got kicked out of the city, foreigners are also being checked and double checked, local people are being asked to leave; all shops and supermarkets are closed and there are tanks and military on every corner. 

At first, I thought this was to promote the safety of the countries leaders that are coming to China for the Summit, I do want Obama protected, but now it is clear that it is obviously a show of power. Chinese government wants other countries to see how powerful this military is. Why do I say this??? There are no guns allowed in China for civilians and most crimes are committed using knifes, so why would you need hundreds of tanks driving around town??  …..Right, to show power. 

This has destroyed many people’s lives. Small businesses and factories all have to shut down, schools also shut down, anyone living on the 10th floor or higher must leave, all foreigners are randomly searched, no packages to be delivered until after the summit, no one is allowed to visit Hangzhou and if you leave it’s difficult to get back in. All bars are either closed or have to close early, all restaurants must close, and even no taxis. 

My friend was even denied the renewal of her spouse visa and she is married to a Chinese man. She is being forced to go back to America after living in China for 7 yrs because she will not have a visa to stay. 

I understand the safety measures to protect the leaders but is it worth destroying people’s families  and careers?

This is the first time since I have lived in China that I truly see what a Communist/socialist government is really like.  

Hopefully, things will go back to normal after this G20 mess, and people can get thier lives back. 

Hopefully, people can recover from this major setback in their lives. My heart goes out to those local Chinese that are just trying to survive. The Summit is only officially for two days the 5th and 6th of Sept. I think….but it feels like they are preparing for war. 

This is not the China it used to be or is it?

Until next time…..


5 thoughts on “A bit of Overkill I think..

  1. Lor

    Will your friend have to reapply for her visa here (US) and then go back? I feel for her cause I know this can be an inconvenience if you are not ready to pay for a flight from China to the US financial. Especially if its an unexpected expenditure.

  2. OMG! That is a Communist throwback! Not allowed to visit a major Chinese city (Hangzhou) – that is crazy. Makes me wonder, What are they so afraid of?

    Please be careful love!

    Please excuse the brevity, spelling and punctuation.

    Sent from iPhone


  3. ann

    Where are the people supposed to go? Is the government giving them financial assistance? Haha, they are not America. However, how sad for everyone who is being affected.

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