For the first time boys and girls I need some advice….I know right??? I am always giving advice to everyone but now I need some. 

I am currently in a position in Yiwu as you all know, however, I am not quite happy with the situation. Let me explain, I accepted a job half the salary I was making due to the fact that I was going to get the chance to make commission and work part time at my old place of employment during the morning.  I was supposed to be in a management position and to send students abroad to study. Plus have them renew my visa. 

However, things have changed. I am currently still working for half the salary but my visa cannot be renewed because they waited too long. I am in management but I am managing the foreign teachers hand train the Chinese teachers on how to improve their English. I am teaching everyone from VIP business students to Ielts students to esl kids. I am handing out flyers and balloons to 3 yr olds and expected to find white, native speaking teachers.  These are not the things I was told I would be doing when I was hired.  However, the boss of the school is very kind and the teachers all seem very nice (although inexperienced) they really need my expertise and experience. 

However, it is causing jet and I to stuggle financially. He works long overnight hours loading trucks but it isn’t so stable. Depends on the factories and when they need people.  

So here is the issue, do I break my contract and find a higher paying job in another city or do I tough it out until my current visa expires? 

Logically I need find a place that will be stable and can transfer my visa. But ethically I made a promise and contract with this school? 

Help me….my conscience is killing me!!! 
Until next time…