Dilemma: Ethical or Logical

For the first time boys and girls I need some advice….I know right??? I am always giving advice to everyone but now I need some. 

I am currently in a position in Yiwu as you all know, however, I am not quite happy with the situation. Let me explain, I accepted a job half the salary I was making due to the fact that I was going to get the chance to make commission and work part time at my old place of employment during the morning.  I was supposed to be in a management position and to send students abroad to study. Plus have them renew my visa. 

However, things have changed. I am currently still working for half the salary but my visa cannot be renewed because they waited too long. I am in management but I am managing the foreign teachers hand train the Chinese teachers on how to improve their English. I am teaching everyone from VIP business students to Ielts students to esl kids. I am handing out flyers and balloons to 3 yr olds and expected to find white, native speaking teachers.  These are not the things I was told I would be doing when I was hired.  However, the boss of the school is very kind and the teachers all seem very nice (although inexperienced) they really need my expertise and experience. 

However, it is causing jet and I to stuggle financially. He works long overnight hours loading trucks but it isn’t so stable. Depends on the factories and when they need people.  

So here is the issue, do I break my contract and find a higher paying job in another city or do I tough it out until my current visa expires? 

Logically I need find a place that will be stable and can transfer my visa. But ethically I made a promise and contract with this school? 

Help me….my conscience is killing me!!! 
Until next time…


30 thoughts on “Dilemma: Ethical or Logical

    1. pearls

      I agree! First, the school didn’t keep their word which is causing a strain with you financially and in your marriage, both you ‘really’ don’t need. Second, being China, who knows what they will come up with regarding your Visa. I say…gracefully leave.

  1. Mira

    Hi Jo

    Is the principle of the school aware of the situation/ dilemma you are in? Is there compromises the school can make e.g can they increase your salary? Is there other financial ways they can help you? You and the school have a business transaction, the contract was approved and signed off by the school but the they have not met the agreement ( even though it’s out of their control). You need to think about what is best for you, your husband and your future. You need to survive; to do that is it best for you to stay or leave?

  2. Anonymous

    Sounds like you are officially Chinese. I believe you are trying to save face and avoid upsetting them by breaking your contract. Of course if you try to confront them about it they will probably look down on you and think you are unappreciative. I get it.

    But at the end of the day they did false advertising and if anything they broke the contract. This is an ethics question but not on you! This is on them. They were not honest and now they want you finding “white” native English speakers to what? Take your position?

    If I was you I wouldn’t really care about the culture of saving face and I would call them out on it and ask them to honor the contract that they told me they would honor. If they said no, then I would gracefully give my 2 weeks notice or 1 month and find another job that knows I’m worthy. Only question is, are you going to have trouble going in and out of the city with the lock down in effect? Or is that over?

    I wouldn’t wait for your Visa to expire. You will probably end up with more problems. Everyone is out to eat and nobody is thinking about your financial situation…

    I think you should do what you need to do and find another job that’s willing to honor a contract and that has a code of ethics.

    1. Ok. They are short teachers. They only have four foreign teachers. I am the only native speaker. So, I teach most of the classes. They want white teachers because in China that is what students request. It’s not that they don’t want to honor the contract they cannot. They have tried but they do not have the ability to renew my visa. Although they thought they did. G20 is over. So no more lock down.

  3. ann

    Did they break the contract with these added details? How racist. They really want white teachers. How long would they keep you after you have hired all of the teachers? Don”t let your visa expire.

        1. In China is pretty standard. The parents request. The school has 12 part time teachers that teach 1o different languages. They are from many different countries. I am the only English native speaker. The only white teacher is Russian. So in China the parent prefer white teachers to teach them English. If the school was racist they wouldn’t have hired me at all. My issue with them isn’t racism.

  4. Arabella79

    Hi Jo, they let your visa slide, the job duties don’t match the contract, and you’re in a financial bind. Your obligation to them ended when they didn’t live up to their end of the contract. Since they’ve breached the contract, it’s no longer valid and you can make the move to greener pastures with a clear conscience.

  5. Break lease, move on and never again take a pay cut that deep. I put myself in this situation before, I will never do it again. Too stressful and in the end, they don’t care.

    Please excuse the brevity, spelling and punctuation.

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  6. bo bo

    It sounds like you are more keen to leave than stay even though you feel bad about it. I will share my experience. I took a job that was promising although I had to live apart from my partner. Over the months I kept wanting to leave but I wanted to keep my word and finish my contract. I was also scared of change. I regret not making a move sooner. I was recently offered a job with a big pay cut. I originally wanted to take it because I wanted to leave current job, but I realised that I would be resentful as I was doubtful about how much it was as a career. Anyway if you look for other jobs that provide visa and give current job enough notice then I think you should leave. If they really prioritised your role in the company then they wouldn’t have let your visa issue slide right??

  7. Lilodragon^^

    Logic above all. Especially in your cricumstance. Yeah you need the means to get by nicely not just making it and besides isnt there a saying that says charity starts at home so its both logical and “ethical” to help Jet out and get a better job.

  8. jlee247352

    Mostly if there a job that pay big salary, you should apply for it. If you rather stay with the lower paying job, you might be working too hard and lower pay, if I was you I go look for a higher salary than quit my job and go to the higher salary job

  9. Mayte

    Hi Jo,

    I didn’t see any info. on when your visa expires and what your contract says regarding sponsorship on the visa. In my contracts in China, there’s usually a clear statement that says that you are responsible for doing the things necessary to get the visa (medical check, have proper documents, renew credentials, etc.) and they are responsible for securing the visa. It also states that if they don’t hold up their end, that you can separate without fault. It’s not something you really need to stress over. You’re doing everything they’re asking but they’re not holding up their end of the bargain. Check your contract for the details on this. Contracts can sometimes vary.

    If the visa expires soon, I would let them know you are giving notice (for the appropriate period) and get yourself another job so you can transfer the visa. There shouldn’t be a problem but be prepared for resistance. Ultimately, you’re in the right.

    I hope this helps.


      1. Mayte

        Hi Jo

        If the visa expires next year then there should be enough time to renew, right? It usually only takes a month to process. Is there a special complication with the visa ? Maybe it’s from the old company and you need a release letter?

        Also, what wording is used in the contract for the visa obligation? Or was it accidentally omitted?

        At the end of the day, if they cannot assist with the visa you run a higher risk and bigger loss with this situation. Maybe check with a local visa agent to see if they can help change it over. Peace of mind is worth tons. I would also avoid taking that kind of pay cut. It comes up a lot and the company or school is the only one benefitting. I hope these guys keep to their word. I’ll keep you and Jet in prayer. 🙏🏽

          1. Mayte

            Ok. I see. But shouldn’t they have been aware of that? Or is it a recent loss of certificate for this? An agent might be able to get you a business visa so that you don’t need to worry about this existing one expiring. They might also present other possibilities that you may not be aware of. Just a thought. It wouldn’t hurt to ask them anyway.

            1. I am currently a permanent resident working visa. Why would I give that up. I have had it for 9 years. I just need a school to transfer it. They thought they would have the certificate by now. But do to G20 summit things changed. Agents are not trustworthy here. Many lie and cheat. A new job would solve the visa issue.

            2. Mayte

              I see. Well, I think if that was clear I wouldn’t have suggested a business visa but then it makes more sense with your current situation to talk with them about the situation and step away. They would surely understand you are at risk. Work through your notice period and separate amicably.

  10. C. D. lewis

    The decision is about survival. IF you and Jet cannot survive and maintain some living then what is the point of helping others when you cannot help yourselves. They will struggle after you are gone. You are most effective where you can do the most good but not damage you in the process. You ans Jet are just beginning. You have to put your heart where it belongs…in your household. Help him. You have been grateful when he sacrificed for you. You are a giving person. This time continue to make the decisions to help your family and YOU flourish. Wishing you many blessings.

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