So after much deliberation and many meetings. I decided to stay at the job I am at. As my good friend told me

Better to stay with the devil you know than deal with a new one. 

So, my current boss aggreed to my demands and I basically just took over the department and I am running it the way I see fit.   

Why? Because I thought about the costs of moving to another city, the pain of adjusting to a new city and I am not one to run away if things get tough. 

I just put on my big girl panties and told him the T. (Truth). I can’t live on this salary and you are not going to work me to death. I also informed him that a persons skin color doesn’t determine their ability to teach.  

I think I scared him a bit. He wasn’t ready for me to be honest and direct.  But now they know, I don’t play. I was professional and direct….. and lucky!!!

Why Lucky? Lucky that I have the skills to back up what I say. As they adage goes ….put up or shut up…

I still have a lot of organizing and training to do with my foreign teachers and I still need to hire many more, but I know I’m headed in the right direction. Thank you for all the advice. 

Until next time. ..