Decisions Made…

So after much deliberation and many meetings. I decided to stay at the job I am at. As my good friend told me

Better to stay with the devil you know than deal with a new one. 

So, my current boss aggreed to my demands and I basically just took over the department and I am running it the way I see fit.   

Why? Because I thought about the costs of moving to another city, the pain of adjusting to a new city and I am not one to run away if things get tough. 

I just put on my big girl panties and told him the T. (Truth). I can’t live on this salary and you are not going to work me to death. I also informed him that a persons skin color doesn’t determine their ability to teach.  

I think I scared him a bit. He wasn’t ready for me to be honest and direct.  But now they know, I don’t play. I was professional and direct….. and lucky!!!

Why Lucky? Lucky that I have the skills to back up what I say. As they adage goes ….put up or shut up…

I still have a lot of organizing and training to do with my foreign teachers and I still need to hire many more, but I know I’m headed in the right direction. Thank you for all the advice. 

Until next time. ..


11 thoughts on “Decisions Made…

  1. pearls

    I knew whatever decision you made was going to be on time…with professionalism of course; cause that’s how you roll. Girl…those ‘big girl’ panties most definitely have a one size fits all for any of us ‘girls’ that can handle the heat!

  2. Kavita

    Good on you Jo for confronting your boss head on especially about the race part. Doesn’t matter what color your skin is. What matters is whether you can deliver in the job and help the students. Happy for you and wishing you all the best.

  3. Morgan

    Your so lucky to be able take such a decision that not only will benefit you and at the same time benefiting the company. Man I wish I could come and visit . I a friend in japan .who just had her second little princesses and I want to visit them also.

  4. Elise Michaud

    Good move!!! If you ever get tired of the teaching world, I’m am 200% sure you would make a fantastic career as a life/motivational coach!

  5. Shareena

    I’m glad to hear that everything got resolved and that you stood up to your boss. I have heard a lot of foolishness about skin colour and teaching in China. I’m glad he realised your worth. This really is the best news I have heard all day. Thank you and take care. Xx

  6. Shareena

    I’m so happy to hear this. I have heard a lot of foolishness going on about race in China regarding teaching and UK glad he realised your worth. This really is the best news I’ve heard all day. Thank you and take care.

  7. annie

    My kind of lady.Strong and no problem with standing up for yourself and figuring out what’s best and going in that direction.Something I’ve learned in my 63 years. Never be afraid of hard work and you reap it’s rewards over and over again .Hoping all the best for you and your family,and your new work endeavor.

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