Apple Pen, Pineapple Pen

Our school wanted to think of something different to do for marketing, so one of the leaders and I decided to hop on the viral video craze.  So we created a video for our school to get us some recognition.   We tried to get the entire school involved but some people did not make the cut…. (sorry boss you didnt have enough swag for the lead) The star of this video is an English Teacher named Jungle (dont ask me, I dont know) and of course ME!!

Please take a look and tell me what you think by posting comments on Youtube.  Enjoy!!!

until next time…..


5 thoughts on “Apple Pen, Pineapple Pen

  1. Kavita

    OMG, it’s so funny and cute. I like it. Makes your school look fun and the teachers funny and approachable. This will give the impression that the lessons will be conducted in an interesting way too. Love it. Cute.

  2. ann

    No offense. Is this video just for in-house fun? Then no problem.

    I did not understand the point of a pen and pineapple. Why was Jungle all over the walls? Your school is supposed to be one of a professional nature not a strip club. I work at a University and I cannot fathom one of our Professors performing like that at school. Parents who take their children’s education very seriously will think twice about sending their children to your school if they see this video as an inducement. But, the kids might like the video.

    I did not intend to insult anyone but, you wanted to know how we felt about your school’s video. However, I know the next video will be more focused on students learning with a bit of fun thrown in.

    1. First whenever people say no offense it’s always offensive. We are a multi language school. Not a university. The video is made in answer to a popular song and video here in China. We have thousands of serious and professional videos. This is Halloween and we wanted something different and funny. Not the same boring stuff that is always put out there. But you are right everyone has their opinion.

      1. ann

        Okay, you got me. I thought this was a regular school. And, you thought in the English department.
        Just a few moments ago online, there was a short video of that 53 singer year old Singer you were referring to.
        I forget Asian humor is different. Good Luck.

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