What have you done America??

 well it’s official I can not go back to America to live again.  This election was just embarassing and anyone that thinks otherwise is just blinded with selfishness and hate. We just set ourselves back in time about 100 years. No I can predict one of two things 1) someone will assasinate him or 2) the 2nd Civil War. There is no where that I see that things will get better. 

Wondering how China feels about the elections??? They are laughing their asses off. They think we are idiots. Britain thinks we make the biggest mistake in western history.  

I’m really afraid of all the disrespect we Americans will now receive abroad. Before they were a bit afraid of us so we were protected. Now….they just point and laugh at us.  Thanks a lot America. 

Now I will just sit back and watch my country crash and burn. Plus side, as China rises to be the new superpower I’m already here. I am pretty sure this was not what our forefathers would have wanted. Sorry, Abe Lincoln …. we should have done better.  

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11 thoughts on “What have you done America??

  1. Ami

    Jo, I think that you’re right! War is starting here in this country. I take a look at all of the protests and raids that are going on all across the country for the past few days and how Donald is now sort of cowering, not acting like a “president elect” I know that he doesn’t feel safe. He said in his first tweet that the protestors are “very unfair.” That sounds so weak and very unpresidential! I hope he knows what he has awaken in this country >:()

    Hubby and I are seriously considering a long trip to travel around China to see if there is an area that we’d like to relocate to along with a trip to New Zealand. We don’t want to stay here! I will make sure that I get my immunization shots and get ready for a long trip to figure everything out!

  2. Lor

    “Wondering how China feels about the elections??? They are laughing their asses off. They think we are idiots. Britain thinks we make the biggest mistake in western history. ”

    EVERYONE is laughing at us! I’m pretty sure we will be at war with someone soon. Just give it time.

  3. Regi

    I am sick to my stomach and so are some of my friends of the election results. I did my part by voting for Hilary, but the people have spoken.

    I’m a veteran so I will respect that Trump will be our elected president, even though I don’t like him or his rhetoric. I am truly fearful and so are some of my friends that there will be a rise in hate against Latinos, Muslims, gays, immigrants….basically anyone who is not white and American.

  4. Susan C

    Do you know what is really sad, that so many people were willing to overlook his hate and misogynistic views just to put a white man in office. But in a way this is good because he can’t fake four years on the international stage. When he makes his first mistake let’s hope it is quick so he can be impeached and kicked back to that so called swamp. It is so shocking that creep is now in charge. I have family in London and they want me to move over. I’m trying to get a transfer over there. The ruination of our nation has begun.

  5. Unfucking believable! I have a first class ticket to our own destruction! White people are so into their feelings because a Black man was in office for 8 years. They are directly responsible and guilty of retarding our growth as a species, and of championing intolerance, hatred and division. And Now that shit includes the accelerated downfall of America.

    Please excuse the brevity, spelling and punctuation.

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  6. I hear you loud and clear; I’m glad I have my permanent residency in Taiwan.

    But I fear for my friends and family back in the US–hell, I fear for all Americans who have the sense to recognize what a giant leap backwards this is to our country.

    I really had hope that America was better than this.

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