Ready to retire from teaching

Hey boys and girls, first thing I want to say is “I’m tired”.  I love my students ….but I’m Sooo tired …

I have been teaching English the Entire nine years I have been here. I have worked nights, days, weekends, etc. I have taught children teenagers and adults. I haven’t taken vacations due to the workloads.  So, I have come to a decision…. I am retiring from teaching.  

Yep, you heard correctly.  I will focus on my businesses and networking.  I never planned to come to China and be a teacher. I just fell into it and it got comfortable.   I am and always have been a business woman.  

Since, the big 50 is trying to creep up on me, I want to spend the second half of my life doing what I do best and what I like to do….Business!!!! 

With a supportive husband by my side and my kids cheering me on from the states, I’m sure this next step will be ok. 

So, at the end of my current contract, I will let go of the safety net and jump.  No risk, No reward. 

Until Next time….


9 thoughts on “Ready to retire from teaching

  1. Good luck with focusing only on your business. In the end it is always the best to do what you love/ what you do best. I also quit my job early this year to focus on the business my wife and I are running 🙂

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