Guess what I did? 

Boys and girls I have great news this time, not only am I kind of famous on the internet? Now. I just finished recording all of the city bus and bus terminal English. Yep, so after the first of the year (I’m assuming Chinese New Year) the new buses will be equipped with Chinese with English translation done in my voice.  I am the new voice of Yiwu city….forever or until the tear it down and build a new one. 

So where do I go from this ….train stations or dare I say …..the airport!!!!   

I do know this, my extra professional American voice will be heard all over Yiwu; telling you to “exit at the station” and “not to smoke, spit or litter on the bus. ”

I know , you are thinking;where do I get all these opportunities? Well, some may say skills …others may say my beauty….. but I say…it’s just pure luck!!!!!  

I happened to be in the right place at the wrong time.  I even did it with a little runnny nose. But I still sounded like a boss. But I was so excited I forgot to take photos. …..pitiful. 

Until next time…..


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