Boys and girls, I know I have been slacking on the blogging but I have been very busy making life changes.  It seems every couple of years I decide to upset things by making drastic changes to my life. Call me crazy or adventurous or just plain stupid; but I always seem to add more chaos to my already chaotic life. 

Recently, I moved to Yiwu… and a few blogs back I made the decision to stay on with this company and stick it out for the contract. Well, the contract is over in June and thankfully because I am ready to go.  They have found ways to avoid paying me full salary every month and they have too many little Chinese girls running around here risking their lives trying to boss me around when they have no power. They don’t know me…They ain’t ready! They even had the nerve to deduct my salary when another foreign teacher from Africa didn’t come to work. Like I control when people choose to show up for work.  He said “I should manage better” whattttt????  I have to manage people from 7 different countries, backgrounds, and cultures; none of them American. He is lucky I can keep them all respectful and polite to one another while they do their jobs. 

I have decided that I’m done with teaching —10 yrs is enough. I’m tired of dealing with the “powers that be” who do not understand how to run a school or manage employees. I’m tired of working 9 hour days, 6 days a week, ….I’m basically just tired. 

So, I’m going to continue my online business, which is found well and I’m going to freelance corporate English training.  

I’m the boss now, Bitches!!!  #NowWhat??!!!

I think I’m ready. I have been in China long enough and I have all kinds of connections and opportunities. Hell, I’m pretty fabulous if you ask me!! My hubby is supportive 100% and I’m motivated to get this underway. Change is good….and at age 48 ….I’m gonna shake up some shit. 

Wish me luck people…it’s gonna be bumpy. 
Until next time…