Drama Drama and More Drama

I never thought I would be one of those people that would say “these kids today” at the beginning of any sentence but these young people today just have no respect for their elders. 

As you know, I started a wechat group 8 years ago to help black women and other women from abroad adjust to china and give them support and advice when needed. It has been very successful and many ladies have came and went and enhanced their china experience. 

The last two years there were some black women added that seemed to bully people whenever there was a difference of opinion. It got to the point that whenever I tried to give advice they started double teaming me and attacking me. Other women were leaving the group because of the negativity. They were Telling me that just because I was old doesn’t mean I know anything and even stating that how I raised my kids doesn’t matter because that was the old days. Seriously?

When did people stop respecting people that have experience and knowledge? When did 48 become an old woman? 

Now, I’m and I quote ” a bitter, 50 year old dried up hag, that doesn’t have a clue what she is talking about” (shakin’ my head). This from a girl whose job is to do hair. 

So, I have left my own group. I made that decision because if I would have deleted them out of the group I would have been told it wasn’t fair. So I choose to leave. Can’t deal with high school drama. 

They good thing is my husband made my Valentines Day so special that it helped me forget this drama for awhile. 

Always remember, not everyone is gonna like you ….you aren’t money!!

Until next time…


17 thoughts on “Drama Drama and More Drama

  1. I love this blog and I am always happy when you post stories about your experiences. Don’t be discouraged by those who don’t appreciate what you bring. I have read all of the comments from those who respect and support you and that respect is well deserved
    Oh and don’t let those women reek havoc in your name, shut them down LOL.

    On another note, is there some way I could contact you? I have a business idea and I know you are a business woman My email is jenise1@me.com.

  2. WeChat has only been around for 6 and half years and groups were introduced 4 years ago… I’m not sure how you have had a group for 8. I think as an “elder” taking the high road would have been best instead of “subtweeting” but what do I know.
    Shaming other women seems counterproductive and mean spirited. Cyber bullying knows no age. Be proud of who you are because at the end of the day we are women (not girls).

  3. Janet Williams

    Wow, that’s too bad. It’s sad when people don’t respect other’s regardless of age. But yet, they want you to respect them and they have none for themselves. They feel that what they do and believe is makes them self-righteous. When really it makes them look bad. Now don’t use their words on them ’cause now those or fighting words, “What you dissing me?” I just shake my head and let them go on. Some people learn from the wisdom of others and some never learn, even from their own mistakes.

  4. Ami

    Jo that is INSANE! That is horrible 😦 They should be grateful for all that you’ve been and have done to be HELPFUL! You have such a sincere heart and are so special. It’s truly very sad that their ego and selfishness guides them to be so disrespectful and emotionally damaging to others! I’m so sorry that they did that to you, but am proud of the way you handled it and have always handled any type of stress or negative energy over the years! You are wonderful and I send you much love (((((SUPER HUGS))))

  5. Randy Taylor

    No Jo you should have shut it down pronto. You are now risking your reputation and good name by leaving it to the haters. They sound like they have a different agenda than you so they need to start their own. Anyway good and kindness will win out Everytime.

    1. Lor

      I have to agree. You need to shut it down completely or risk ruin. You left group YOU started! That doesn’t even sound right. I would have shut the site down period. Why? Because unsuspecting people will eventually come to it and be led astray by these fools. Misinformation will be passed around. Let them start their own page. My guess is they are too lazy.

      I would quickly shut the site down though.

    2. I completely agree. Jo I missed that but I wish you’d have gone on and booted them. Disregard of our “elders” is what is causing a lot of problems now. Younger people should be taking what the more experienced say and trying to see how they can either copy it or adapt it to their lifestyle.

  6. Deb

    When I was in my early 40s I heard adults in their 50 and 60s saying I was a baby or still a kid. Now a days old age is viewed differently in so many ways. I’m glad you made a difference despite the negative.

  7. Mira

    Yes we were taught to respect others but our society has changed and many people (young and old) have lost respect not only for others but for themselves and that is sad. Previously age, knowledge and experience meant much but these days it’s shunned upon and disrespected. I am old school; respect is earned and not just given because of status, power, money or how load you shout.

  8. Anonymous

    Millennials. It’s so bad. I’m one but I have respect for elders however people in my age group and younger irk me. They are so self absurd, rude, always wanting to have the last word, think they know it all, think they run the world because Beyoncé told them so. Girl, I can’t. Their life is full of memes with quotes and it’s like they go around doing it to people all day long. Disrespectful but just dust your shoulder off keep it moving and create a new group. Love your posts!

  9. It’s so shameful but this isn’t uncommon or surprising to me. I’m 27 and I’m always annoyed at other people in my age group because respect is nonexistent to them. You don’t need that drama in your life Jo and I say good riddance to the toxicity of that group. You can always make a new group but some people can’t change their dirty ways.

  10. clewis

    Hey, Lady!!! Your life and stories are uplifting and make my existence as a black woman so much better. I am sad you had to go through that. The bad thing is the girls did not like what you said but instead of leaving because they did not like you; they stayed to inflect injury on your spirit. Be happy in the fact they have a looong life to go and will have MANY CHALLENGING moments with the many disrespectful kids they produce. Hold your wine glass up and wish them a looooong life (laughing maniacally). Stay Blessed and True, Dear!

    1. Yeah you are right. However I don’t ever remember treating people like that when I was that age. I have always been taught to respect people especially elders. I would have gotten slapped in the mouth if I didn’t.

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