Hello boys and girls,

It’s been a long time I know…… first and foremost… I am not dead….. I have been so busy…where to start….?

First, I am not the principal of an International University…. it is kind of difficult to explain…. My campus has three schools…. a foundation program school,  a High School and of course, Taizhou University.  Its kind of complex situation and difficult to understand if you are not actually in the China and know how things work. But I will try to explain it.


Taizhou University has been around since 1907, it is a government ran university, this means everything we do must be through the Chinese Government.  This university like most Chinese Universities has had the traditional Chinese university programs; these programs have not changed.  What we have done is extend the university. How?

We connected with some other universities in American, UK, Canada and Australia to do some 2 & 3 programs. This means 2 years in China and 2 years in the other country, with all western curriculum and all English-speaking classes.   We also did the same with a New High School we built on Campus that is on the mountain in the East side of the campus.  However being a western curriculum all in English, we had to add a foundation program or ESL program to get their English languages up… along with Ielts, Toefl, GRE and GMAT programs.   Thus the three schools, I mentioned above.

This entire program process of all three schools are ran and managed by … YOURS TRULY…. yep.. me… I run all of it…. but the Taizhou University- original campus… is run by Chinese leaders of course.  So, basically I am a very high-ranking person in this institution and I am a Black American… which in China.. is a big accomplishment.   This kind of explains why I have been an absentee blogger for a bit.


To add icing to this cake, my hubby also is employed at the school; he is the assistant Head of student management/maintenance.  He basically polices the students and makes sure that they don’t have any issues in the dorms or on campus.

So, besides moving to this new city, we both have new jobs that are pretty decent.  So, things are going well.


Second, you all know we got married 3 years ago.. but due to the fact that Jet is an orphan and not supported by any distant relatives we never got wedding photos taken because they are so expensive here.  However, that is changing; on June 10th we will be taking our wedding photos…. yeah.. 3 years late but still exciting.  I will be sharing the photos later of course.

I will update the blog more often and share my new adventures in this new city, by the way… I can count how many foreigners live here, So it proves to be interesting.


Still doing the clothing biz, hair biz and accessories biz… you know by… always getting my hustle on… Stay tuned…I have many things to tell you….


Until next time……