The Photo Shoot

Three years in the making, Jet and I finally went to take our wedding photos.   In China, getting wedding photos is a grand affair.  It kind of validates your marriage and everyone looks forward to seeing the wedding photos.  It is kind of proof that you are really married in a glamour photo shoot.  Mind you the photos get Photoshopped, so you are thinner, whiter and younger looking… but … it really fun and you feel like a superstart… Diva….. well I do…

We delayed our photo shoot for several years do to financial reasons and the fact that Jet couldn’t understand ….WHY? …we needed to take the photos.  He comes from a parentless home…  and did not have any one to teach him the wedding customs.  So, in his mind, we had plenty of  photos together that had been taken with the cell phone….. so why do we need to pay so much money for these photos. (smh)

He was still resistant up until we actually showed up at the place and saw all the other Chinese couples getting photos taken.WeChat Image_20170614102922

We choose indoor photos…. due to the fact is it a very small city and we did not want to have crowds of people staring at us… and taking photos of us and putting it on weibo (Chinese twitter) for the world to see without our permission (and without them being edited….lol).   We arrived to a 4 – story warehouse, a bit of a distance from town.  Upon the entering, we could see marble floors and large decorative lights everywhere.   There were about 20 workers I could see staggered around and several different couples throughout the first floor.

We went into a marble room with mirrored walls that had racks and racks of wedding and formal dresses.  We had to cover our shoes and go in to pick out what I would wear.

WeChat Image_20170614102930The first dress the girl choose was a gown that I thought was so ugly, so I quickly told them …ummm NO….. I then picked out a strapless gown and I got lucky that they could make  it fit.  The dress was split down the back so they laced it up corset style… as they did with every dress I wore.   They put material inside the lacing that matched the dress so my skin wouldn’t show.   Pretty clever if you ask me.

The took us up to the 3rd and 4th floors where there were so many different settings… from a library with winding staircase, to a ballroom, to a piano … to a old fashioned  sofa.. to a balcony……After taking many different photos and poses in that dress it was time for a dress change…  I first went to the black dress… because that is my color of choice in any outfit.  However, it was too small… we had to go with the dark blue that looked blackish.  After I was laced into that dress until I couldn’t breathe…. it was time to take the second set of photos…… through it all Jet was quite the little trooper… he began to understand the importance of these photos to the Chinese culture and to us… and started getting into it……He started with a black suit with white shirt and bow tie.   WeChat Image_20170614102926When he put on the clothes his mood changed.  He became very sophisticated and regal…. he had caught the bug… he did everything that the photographer asked him to do…. and even smiled when he was told to.  WeChat Image_20170614102843I was pretty impressed since it was his first ever photo shoot.  Jet’s second suit was a bit western inspired … in my opinion.   Dark suit with a red shirt and bolo tie.  He seemed to like this suit better since he was doing more posing that he did in the other clothes.  We took at least 75 to 100 photos in just these two outfits and still had the traditional clothing one to go.  By this time, I was so hot and tired.  Who would have thought just standing and letting people take your photos was so exhausting.  I guess the lights are what wear you out. (I give people who model for a career … the props they deserve)  They also put your body in all kinds of crazy positions that are not comfortable at all… but I guess they look amazing in the photo. WeChat Image_20170614102911 I tried not to second guess their style of make up and jewelry since they were the “professionals” however, I had to stop them when they wanted to put red blush on my cheeks…and pink eye shadow… I decided I needed to step in or I would be looking like a clown.  I had them tone down the color palette… and had them use some browns and tan coloring…and berry lip colors

Every thing was going well… until…. we hit a wall….. the girl came in with some traditional clothes for the final clothing change and they didn’t fit.   I couldn’t even get my arm in the freakin’ sleeve of that thing.    I mean I am a huge size 16..(by China standards) … and I knew there would be some issues, but this was ridiculous.   They tried several different kinds of outfits.. .but they seemed to be getting smaller and smaller not larger.  I suggested they find me a kimono inspired style.. but they informed me, with an ugly face….that was Japanese and they did not carry anything similar to that.  Jet was livid… .and I wasn’t too happy…. This was a cross-culture relationship… we needed to have his culture represented.   I told that lady I was very disappointed… and they had time to find an out fit to fit me…. I also told her.. she lied to me because when I asked about the size… she said… no problem… they had it covered… well evidently they didn’t have enough to cover my body… so it wasn’t covered.   WeChat Image_20170614130808 But… my husband came to the rescue… he said to the lady.. that she needed to find a traditional dress to fit me.. by next Saturday .. and we will continue this photo shoot….. and we will have the photos finished or….. there would be consequences and reprecussions.

The woman wasn’t ready…. because she had nothing to say but … OKAY…… and so our photo shoot will continue on Saturday with the traditional clothing…(which they are currently looking for) .. One thing I can say about my husband.. is this…. if he sees I am upset or someone has done something to upset me… he hops into superhero mode… and handles it….. loudly…. and forcefully…. Like a boss….

I have had to get use to that … because I am use to being in relationships where I was the one handling things…. or … opening the can of whoop-ass… but after being married to Jet…. I have learned.. that I don’t have to fight all my battles alone…. actually… I don’t have to fight them at all…. he will take care of it…. I guess… my grandma would call him… …. A man? ….. funny… that we sometimes forget … what the job of the man is supposed to be…. we strong women are so busy … being the man and the woman…. that we have taken over the job.. that honestly belongs to the man…. so my advice ladies…. Let your man… be the man….. and you just sit back and … enjoy the show…..

until next time…..




8 thoughts on “The Photo Shoot

  1. Lori

    I do have another question. You said the photo company had a lot of dresses in stock. Do brides not get married in their own (bought) dresses like in the States? Or is wedding dress rental big over there?

      1. Lori

        You know that actually makes a lot of sense. You have too many people taking out serious loans in the US to get married.I can’t see wedding dress rental taking off here though. At least not yet.

  2. pearls

    There’s such a ‘huge’ difference when it comes to being with a real man compared to being with a male in a grown man’s body.

  3. Lori

    “we strong women are so busy … being the man and the woman…. that we have taken over the job.”

    While women of every race have had to step, black women has it ingrained into their fiber. They deal with men who don’t want to do their ‘job’. So enjoy being with a MAN!

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