Those of you who have followed my blog through the years, know that I have already went through one marriage and divorce here in China.  Yes, the first one didn’t work out so well….. His parents had issues with my inability to have children, and demanded my husband spend time with them without me.  I also didn’t speak Chinese very well then so they couldn’t understand me.. so that didn’t help.   I also found out that 2 weeks after our divorce he married a little Chinese girl.. that his parents must be totally ecstatic about….. but … after being single for 3 years… and having the single life in China …. I found that dating in China is not that difficult if you are interested in Chinese men…. However.. dating the foreign men in China… not so easy….but that is another blog.

Now… I have Jet (Liu Jie) …. most people told me to stay away from him….but I am not one to listen to what other people say…. because .. .well… I’m a grown ass woman… and I do what I want.. basically.  

Jet is not like my ex at all…. they are polar opposites…I think Jet is more fit for me…actually….He is an ex-Chinese Mafia boss….(yeah I know) that has paid his dues…. and now leads a clean life.  He is an orphan, father died when he was 10 and mother left him not long after.  He is the oldest of three brothers…(recently we found out there is another brother that was born by a woman his father had an affair with… long ago.  but he is mentally ill and in a home)  His life has not been easy… and in China being poor and an orphan is a fate worse than death.  However, Jet … survived through all that and kept his heart intact.   He is OCD.. which is okay.. if there had to be a disorder to deal with .. that is the one I prefer… (he cleans everything all the time…..I don’t mind it)…..and he is totally in love with animals and plants…. you wouldn’t think from  a guy that works out all the time and has a giant dragon tattoo on his chest.. would be into flowers…but…. hey… he is who he is.

So, we have been married for 3 years now… things have been pretty good… but we have bumped heads on some things… with an alpha male and an alpha female… that is bound to happen, but we talk it through .. when the shouting is over…that is. We have a pretty large age gap… I am 48 and he is 31.. however, that seems to be an issue with other people… we don’t see a problem with it.  You can say… Jet has an old soul… sometimes he acts older than I am.

We didn’t have a wedding party or photos taken… due to the financial issues… and he couldn’t understand why we needed them…. he had never went to a wedding or seen wedding photos… so … he was a bit confused about spending so much money on photos and parties.  I decided we needed photos at least and after I put my foot down  we got them taken…. so as I mentioned in another blog…. here are some of the proofs.  

They are a bit Photoshop happy in China..  I call it the Chinese weight loss program……but I don’t mind as long as we looked good…. we get the rest of the photos in a couple of weeks.  They will make it into a Chinese style photo book… and we will get one large wall photo also.. along with a disk with the photos on them.

I know some people may judge me and say all kinds of things about my photos and my marriage and the relationship altogether….. but all that matters to me.. Is that we had fun and we got the photos to celebrate our love. As Rupaul says…”what other people think is not my business”    

I do suggest that if any of you have a chance to take professional photos be them wedding or otherwise…. to do it.  The feeling of being made up, and dressed up in different outfits and posing in front of the camera makes you feel like a princess at least for a day.  It also helps to have a good-looking man by your side when you do it.

Until next time….