I received an email from a loyal reader… 

Hi, you are the best blogger I know. You keep it real & I can trust what you say. We are a black family from Tennessee and my daughter is addicted to Asian culture. She mainly loves Korean & Japanese culture. I have an issue with the dog meat…especially the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Please write an article about dog meat in China. I wonder if restaurants trick foreigners with dog meat. Is it common for them to eat dog meat on the regular? Thanks for writing the best articles.

I felt her email was worth a blog, since many people have concerns when it comes to dog meat and in China.

I personally have never eaten dog meat and will never eat it.  However, I have met some foreigners who have tried it …. you know some people are just curious and brave.  Dog meat is not a major staple here in China… actually the majority of Chinese people have never and will never eat dog meat and find it disgusting and cruel…. the same as many Americans.  Most Chinese love their animals… and are against the traditional eating of the canine. rescued-dogs-yulin-dog-meat-festival-china-5

Many locals go out of their way to save the dogs and report to the authorities when they see people selling dogs or trucks with many dogs traveling during this festival time. They also protest and picket the festival every year.

Why do they eat the dog? Some locals say Eating dog is good for your health at the hottest time of the year, and it is just like any other meat. It’s healthy, just like raising pigs or chickens.  However, the scientists here have proven that it isn’t healthy because the dogs they are using are strays and have not been vaccinated so they carry rabies and other infections.  

The government discourages the eating of dog meat but has not outlawed it yet… although it is under consideration.  Most people who condone eating dog meat claim it is their culture and tradition and no one should tell them what they can and cannot eat.  Dog_meat_hotpotThey feel it is their right and their freedom to celebrate their traditions. They claim that they do not judge people who eat pork and pork meat is very dirty. 

I personally am not so upset that they eat the dog meat… it is how they kill the dogs that makes me so angry.  They do not use humane ways… they torture the dogs before they kill them…. and bash them in the head or boil them alive…. there is just no sense in the cruelty.  Some tell me the more tortured the dog the better it tastes.  Who thinks these things up?

My husband ,a lover of animals, thinks that the government should punish the people in the same way they treat those dogs… make them go through the same torture.  That is a little harsh for me.. .but I understand his anger.

As for people sneaking dog meat into your food, not likely… dog meat is a delicacy so the cost is rather high… and it is usually served only in the northern rural areas.  If you want to bring your daughter to China most likely you will be in the larger cities where you rarely find anyone cooking dog meat … so you will be fine.   You shouldn’t be afraid to travel here because of this.  There are crazier things that are eaten in China but that is another blog. 

until next time….