Life Behind The Wall

PDA in China


One thing in China I have noticed in the past 10 years is the change in the public displays of affection.  Don’t get me wrong, it is still taboo to talk about it ….. and most girl try to “act” like they are very virginal… and some may actually be. But, when I first came to China no one would dare even hold hands in public let alone kiss.  Couples would walk so far apart from each other you would think they were strangers.  

This kind of affection was just not accepted by society and if you were a woman caught doing this you were branded a party girl.  However, you could see girls, women, boys and even men… holding hands with the same sex.   I honestly thought the country was all homosexual.  To see 40 yr old grown men with their arms around each other walking down the street was something that caught you off guard.  I soon learned that when you want to show someone who you are like a sister or brother to them you will hold hands or link arms with the each other.  It showed a very close family like bond with them.  I found this out the hard way…. I had asked a co-worker where the supermarket was and she said she would be happy to show me and we could walk there together…. I thought that is kind of her so I agreed.  After work we met in front of my job at that time and she said let’s go… and linked her arm in mind and snuggled close to me…. I was very surprised by this action… I didn’t want to hurt the girls feelings so I just went along with it.  Later, I asked another co-worker about it…. and she explained the situation to me.   I have always thought that is was so strange that people thought it was okay to see to men hugging each other or holding hands.. but a man and a woman was not acceptable.

But as I said before, things are changing….. big time…. on the news and social media  you see people who are caught on camera doing a lot more than holding hands.   There are locals that are even having oral sex or heavy petting on the subway or in the park…… they just couldn’t wait to get to that hotel I guess.   (they are braver than me)   

Just today an article was published in China Daily News about a Spanish man and a Chinese girl having oral sex in a park full of people…. but what makes this worse… is it drew a crowd… yeah…. they made it into a public performance with crowds of people taking videos and photos…… I was shocked too….. unfortunately….They were both arrested and he has been deported to back to his own country.   (How would you like to explain that too your parents)…..smh

I see people holding hands all the time now… and men still carrying their girlfriends or wives purses…..and wearing couple shirts, or couple hats…… which I think is very cutesy and a step forward in the sexual revolution .  But ,when I see these articles about people getting caught having sex in their car, on the train, on the bus…. (which reminds me there was video going around social media here a while back of a many playing with himself on the bus full of people) …. it made me throw up a little in my mouth it was so disgusting…….These people have taken it too far.  Usually, older men with mistresses that they are hiding from their wives at home.  I guess the mistresses do what the wives won’t.

Although, there is still a lot of female and male prostitution here that is done in the shadows……. Many people have decided that they are free to have sexual relations anywhere they want… no matter who is around.  There are a lot of apps like TanTan around (similar to Tinder) … that you can meet up and just have sex with strangers… which are where some of these not so secret meeting start. 

Now they blame this behavior on, of course, FOREIGNERS….yep, our sexy movies, and “open” behavior has caused the locals to act out in these ways…… Funny thing about Chinese folks is they  believe what they see in the movies… it is the only contact with other countries  they have for some.    I have argued several times with locals trying to explain that not all Foreign women are wild crazy animals in bed…. and not all Foreign men have large penises like in the porn movies…..However, I did tell them if they wanted to believe a stereotype believe the one that states Black Woman are the best in bed….(I got jokes … I know) …..

Anyway…. what I am trying to say… is that the Chinese youth have seen these movies and determined that in sexual relationships anything goes….. and pretty much anywhere….

until next time…..