Sex Shops in China

So… today I was eating at the Buddhist Restaurant, where there is a vegetable dish buffet, and I noticed that next to the shop was a sex shop … it made me giggle…. 

Sex shops in China are hidden, little hole in the wall shops that you wouldn’t notice unless you were right up on it.  Since China is still very closed mouthed about sex in general most of these place are pretty much empty during the day….. but late at night a few men and even fewer women will creep inside to buy something.00016c42b36b10f857d003

I have entered several sex shops in China out of curiosity and sometimes need… (kinks in my back, you know) ... and I am usually not surprised by what I see in these little establishments.

But, the last shop I went into was in Hangzhou and it was full of surprises. I actually didn’t realize it was a sex shop until my friend who can read Chinese said… calmly “there is a sex shop over there” …. I was like REALLY???? Lets go in….. So.. we proceeded to enter the very small shop… it was basically the size of a small hotel room…. and on the walls were little cute costumes of nurses, Asian girls, rabbits, and bondage stuff…. that I could probably get my arm in… only…. I saw several standard vibrators and dildos and about a million different packs of condoms, lube, and enhancing creams… they must be the best sellers.

In a little room off the back.. there were some blow up dolls, and artificial female parts….. but the thing that shocked me… was in that room on the floor… where two kids… around the ages of 9 or 10… rolling a vibrator back and force to each other giggling.   They were playing with the vibrator like it was a ball.   I was dead…..

These kids had obviously grown up around this stuff… and didn’t really know what they were used for…. at that time they were the only ones in the shop…. so I asked them in Chinese “where is your mother?”  They said she would be back in a few minutes she went to get them food.   I was like okaaaayyyyy……. This woman had left her kids in a sex shop alone to watch the shop while she went next door to get lunch.

A few minutes later the mother returned and gave the kids their lunch.. and asked us if we needed anything…..(I was thinking…. you aren’t going to pick that vibrator off the floor? You just leaving it there……) ..#notmybusiness …. Anyway, I asked her if she had any adult sized lingerie… she laughed and said no only the Chinese sized ones…. and I felt I should buy something… so I bought one of those little pocket sized vibrators….. and we left….Still in shock over seeing these kids playing with sex toys like it was a normal thing to do..2388851365_d0fd04995f

Now, what happened next was just the icing on the cake…. we waved down a taxi outside of the shop….and I got in the front seat and my friend in the back… and I had the brown paper bag with me…. the taxi driver… (being nosey) asked me what I bought in that shop… being the Bold Bitch I am … I took it out of the bag and said “This”…. he looked at the vibrator … then looked at me and said….” how much did you pay for that?” … I said .. not much , it wasn’t very expensive…..and he said….. wait for it…… wait for it…………”You know.. you can get a real man for free if you just ask around. I can help you find one.”

I laughed so hard… I had tears in my eyes….. he was actually very serious….. I told him thank you very much for the offer but I can also find a real man on my own…However, this one doesn’t get tired or say stupid shit…….He then started laughing and said… understand.  

I think that was an experience that only I can have….. Other sex shops I have visited have been pretty standard… although the people that work in them… are very attentive to your needs.   I have even had a man that worked in a shop asked me what size and color am I looking for…. like I was looking for a pair of shoes….and yes, I bargained the price in a sex shop…. I mean it is China.

Although, these shops are in every city…. they are usually somewhere hiding in a deep, dark alley with the windows covered up… and sometimes even the door is covered….like are doing some kind of drug deal. However, they never have videos or magazines.. since they are forbidden in China.  Porn is illegal here.

But I noticed in larger cities they have these little rooms that have vending machines. These, like snack machines,  have your toy of choice hanging in the glass and you use your phone to scan the code, of the item you want pay with your phone and then push the button for it to drop out of the bottom of the machines like a bag of chips.  Then you avoid the embarrassment of actually deal with a person to get your fetish on.  Boy, technology is a wonderful thing.

I guess the final way and most popular way to get your sex toys.. is to order online. has a wide arrange of toys, lingerie, and blow up dolls that can be delivered to your door with in a couple of days.

So, even though sex and sex tools are still an underground thing in China… you can still find ways to get you sexy on… if you really want to.

until next time…..

4 thoughts on “Sex Shops in China

  1. You are mostly correct. But things are changing. In Panyu, Guangzhou, China, there is 爱殿 – Nancy’s Love Shop Hollywood, an upscale sex toy shop that is off a busy highway. They have marble floors and custom cabinets for their products. They even have a realistic love doll in their store.

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