I Opened A School … kind of

Hello boys and girls,

I feel like it’s been forever since I have told you what’s been going on. We made the move to Wuxi, Jiangsu Province about six months ago. This is very close to my husband’s hometown. I guess just like us, Chinese people tend to go back or near the place they grew up when they get older. Well if they can. So, that was one of the reasons we moved. Another reason is I got an opportunity to partner in a language school. A young, Chinese lady decided to open a language school but did not know the first thing about opening a language school or teaching or well, anything. I take that back. She did know how to decorate.

The school is beautiful. Not exactly the most teaching ready, but hey we are only teaching adult students. We offer ten different languages that include Korean, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, and of course Chinese and English. For the languages I don’t speak we find part time teachers to teach the classes.

So, I took on this challenge of running the school and becoming a partner. I didn’t realize that I would be doing it basically by myself. No, she really can’t do anything without me holding her hand or doing it for her.

I have honestly never met anyone so incapable of doing things and not even willing to learn how to do something. The only thing she can do is collect money. Now mind you I have to push people to pay the money, I have to get the students, I have to design the curriculum, I have to market the school, I have to create the advertisements and activities, I have to manage the activities and I have to make the relationships and I have to teach the students or find the teachers to teach the students of other languages. It’s basically my school. My cut is 20% of the profits because she invested most of the money.

My husband has said it several times “Why do You need her!”

First I do need a Chinese person in China to open a business and she has invested a lot of money into making a beautiful school. I thought because she was locally born she would know some people or just know something or at least want to learn something.

But I have learned that she is the Chinese version of a ditsy blonde. No, No ditsy blondes are smarter I think. My partner a sweet girl and very kind but other than look pretty she is totally useless to me in this school.

She was a bored housewife with nothing to do. Maybe my husband has a point if I just need a Chinese person why don’t I just use his name. He would at least be mentally invested in trying to help me. Even though I still would be doing it all myself.

Or maybe this situation is ok. I am running everything the way I want and I basically have full control with an “atm” to supply me with the money I need to do what I need to do.

But some days I need help… arghhh!!!

Choices… we will see what I decide to do.

Until next time…..

6 thoughts on “I Opened A School … kind of

  1. Rissa

    Congrats on the new school. It’s by far the nicest decorated school I’ve ever seen. Maybe once everything gets up and running you can negotiate a higher cut *fingers crossed*. But in the meantime keep doing you. You got this!

  2. The school is absolutely beautiful, hopefully that will also appeal to the students and help to make your job easier. Funny how once you’ve taught in China, no matter how much you think you’ve left it behind and moved onto other things, sooner or later it pulls you back in (-: Best of luck with your new venture, Jo.

    1. I think it’s because it’s safe and easy. You are only limited to what you are allowed to do here. Teaching pays the highest non tech job. Unless you are an engineer or IT or some high level professional Chinese people can do the job and cheaper. And trust there are a lot more of them. Other jobs just don’t pay much at all in comparison to teaching or the educational field.

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