Wuhan Virus

First and foremost I want to say I am fine….. and all my friends are fine.   Now let’s talk about the crazy stuff going around about this virus.  First of all, there are not 4000 or 90K or 100K people who have died from this virus…there have only been around 60 people….56 to be exact.   With the population in China, more than that many people die everyday of natural causes.  The people who have died due to the virus were already dealing with illnesses that had weakened their immune system.

Now… it did start in Wuhan at a fresh market…. These kind of markets are all over China….usually they have beef, pork and fish…  but every now and then you will see rodents, snakes, rabbits, bats, etc.  Most of the time people just pass by these items.  However, once in awhile people will buy them to see how they taste or because some are considered delicacies.  Before everyone gets all holier than thou… please remember in America people eat snakes, rabbit, raccoon, squirrel, alligator, and a lot of other silly stuff.   Just because eating rats, bats and monkeys arent common place doesn’t mean they aren’t just  as dangerous.   I heard a woman say it was evil that they ate raw animals….  If I recall people eat raw beef and raw fish all the time.

Now…. The reason this has become a big ordeal is the timing.   It just happens to be the Spring Festival Holiday… the largest holiday in China.  The holiday when everyone travels back to their hometown to see their families and kids.  So, that is why it is spreading so quickly, people are going back home and taking their illnesses with them.

Due to the fact that the illness takes about a week to see symptoms, most people figured they just had a common cold.  The government wasn’t hiding it from people and people were not purposely trying to make other people sick.  It amazes me the stories I hear….  Someone even said you can catch it through your eyes….. lol ….  Lord.

Right now the government is taking all precautions…  No one can travel in or out of Wuhan and surrounding cities. They are screening everyone that gets off planes, trains and buses in every port and even anyone has a fever or signs of the virus they keep everyone on the plane to make sure everyone is okay.   It has delayed flights and stuff… but they are doing what they can to crack down on the spread.

We have already been notified that this is not even close to being as bad as SARS.  People are just really freaking out for no reason.  I have been here through bird flu twice, H1N1, MERS, and eboli and they all start out with a worldwide panic and all kinds of crazy rumors.  It’s getting so bad that if you get caught spreading some fake news or rumors the police will come arrest you.   It just makes people panic for no reason.


My personal opinion, it normal nature’s way of thining out the weak and elderly. It happens all the time…. Just like when people die from the flu or the common cold.

Yes, it’s sad that some people have died from it, and yeah, getting sick sucks ass.  But what can you do, its life.  I am personally tired of people freaking out about  it…I promise you in  a couple weeks…no  one will  even talk about it anymore.


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11 thoughts on “Wuhan Virus

  1. Shanell

    Coronavirus is attacking many more than just the sick and elderly. Many people, including young and otherwise healthy people have trouble even being treated do to hospitals and staff being overwhelmed. Some of these people are dying as well. And for those not infected by the illness, their lives are still greatly impacted with many being quarantined at home and unable to work.

    Initially when this post was first published, I found it quite callous. I hesitated to comment because it is, of course, just a personal blog with your own opinions and reflections. But now seeing that more than “a couple of weeks” have passed and people are still indeed talking about it and many more dying from it, I wonder if your thoughts have changed.

    1. My thoughts have not changed. More and more people are recovering. Yes we are staying home but we can leave to get food and other supplies twice a week. We have to wear mask for protection but we still go outside. As for work that is an issues but as of today some public transportation as started back and the taxi are running again. Because of the self quarantine there are less and less cases found. So, this will all be over soon.

      1. Angry user

        How are you? Do you still feel the same? I’m very upset because this is effecting the entire world now and I think that China was very secretive in the way they handled this. We are seeing young people die in USA. So many people are dying in Italy and many industries are hurting badly because of this. I just wish China could’ve been more transparent instead of silencing their doctors in the beginning. Now they are bragging to the world about how things are better for THEM and how they think they handled it so WELL but look at the world. Everyone is suffering. It’s frustrating. This has reached the otherside of the planet and I don’t know if I will have a job or a house or anything all because of this virus. They should’ve been more alarmed considering they’ve had many outbreaks of viruses like this before.

  2. DOUG g

    I am 61, what is your opinion of working without a  certificate. I planned on retirement but China is way more expensive than I thought.  Wife needs some income ! And what if medical money needed?I never took her family put to dinner once !15 months… Laowhi in chengdu Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    1. First, please remember working illegally in China can not only get you deported, you will also get Jail time. Now, I would in no way advise you to work without a work permit and as you know at 60 you will not be able to work legally in China. But if you wanted to have a loop hole, I suggest you start your own small business. Like private tutoring or corporate consulting etc. for extra income.

    2. Randy Taylor

      Today is March 2 and this virus is wreaking havoc all over the world. The world wide death toll had now passed over 3000 with over 85000 infected and growing daily. China is still the epicenter for this disease but the US has now seen over 10 deaths in the last couple of days so clearly this is not your run of the mill virus. Since you live in a communist country how do you know what they are telling you is the true representation of this disease

      1. We are on the down side of the virus. Things are slowly going back to normal. There are still more deaths from the common flu than this virus. I think the country handled it very well. It’s the USA that will have issues. No body listens to he government or does what they are told. So it’s gonna spread faster over there. Half the people in the states don’t even believed it’s anything to worry about. The other half don’t wash their hands regularly. So, I’m fine. It’s you I’m more worried about. Better get you a mask.

        1. Angry user

          The reason why nobody will listen in USA is because of the secrecy in China and how China has DOWNPLAYED everything. They silenced doctors. They were not TRANSPARENT their statistics were modified numerous of times and there’s no truth in what they say.



          LOOK at Italy. This is about SECRECY not communism. Not capitalism. Not politics. It’s about keeping things quiet to save face that’s the problem.

          1. First of all, I understand you are afraid and angry and you need somewhere to vent and I happen to be in China so you choose me. However, if you do your research you find that President Trump has known about the virus since early January. The government in the states just didn’t prepare or even take it seriously. When people are afraid they want to place the blame on someone. Instead of blaming China for the lack of reaction of the richest country in the world, you should be more concerned about protecting yourself and your family.

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