The Aftermath

Hello boys and girls, I know a lot of you are afraid, upset, angry and frustrated at this time. I know people are wanting to point the finger and blame someone for all this mess. It’s a normal response. I happened over here in China too.

However, panicking and being hateful and racist is not the proper response. I vlogged my time over here in my FB page since I could not upload my videos onto this page, and I can tell you that keeping a calm and cool head is the way to get through this.

Self-isolation is the most effective and quickest way to deal with the virus. Wearing masks not only protect you but also gives you a sense of calmness to help you emotionally.

Here in China the world has almost returned to normalcy. Everything has reopened with the exception of schools, bars and KTV which are due to open by the end of the month.

It was a very difficult time over here also but the fact that they were able to shut down entire cities that have over a billion people and could construct hospitals and health facilities in 14 days tells you how hard people worked over here.

After seeing how other countries are handling the situation and taking care of their people, I think over all China handled it very well considering the sheer number of people here.

I am sorry many people have decided to show their hatred and ignorance during this time. This doesn’t help anyone. Stop blaming China for everything. Just help by doing your part to prevent the spread.

This too shall pass…..

Until next time….

12 thoughts on “The Aftermath

  1. laurid

    I hope that china as a whole takes this serious. they need to close those markets and ban weird meats. also, there are reports of africans being discriminated against with regard to wuhan covid19. its laughable that the police and businesses are giving the africans a hard time and the whole reason we have a wuhan covid 19 is because of their markets. landlords are evicated africans because they say the have wuhan covid 19. but all the africans in guangzhou have been tested for the virus.

  2. doryon

    Thanks for this. I’m in NYC and we’re going into shutdown tonight. Any tips on staying sane through it all? Hope you and your hubby are well!

    1. Oh the first week I cleaned everything. Then I caught up on movies I wanted to see online, books I wanted to read, painted some artwork, practiced cooking stuff from scratch, and the number one thing. Avoid looking at the numbers online of people dying and getting sick. Avoid listening to all the theories. People start making up all kinds of things. In China they just had to say if you forward or make up any panicking news you would be arrested. Take this time to reflect and re-evaluate your life. I mean I was on lockdown for three months. Could only order groceries to be delivered to the front gate. And had to take my temperature ten times a day. But after it hit the peak it cleared up pretty quickly. Stay positive. The lockdown is a good thing.

      1. doryon

        Thanks for the tips! And 3 months, gah!! That’s what I was thinking it would take here, but they’re telling us a couple weeks. I wish I could believe that..

  3. The US is probably 1-2 weeks away from the peak. The government did not prepare or respond in a timely fashion. It does not matter the origin of the virus, the US government failed its citizens due to lack of preparation and an incompetent administration.

    We can only look out for our neighbors and family, stay positive and do the right thing.

    Peace and Love 💗

    Please excuse typos. Typing on tiny keyboard.

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