Facts about the Racism in Guangzhou

This was taken from a friend of mine that lives here in china … I thought it best explained the situation here. So I didn’t have to rewrite it. I also heard the same information. Don’t always jump to conclusions.

Many friends and family have been asking me if China is kicking out Black people. I was hearing many different stories.

It’s only happening in Gaungzhou’s little Africa. I heard they overstayed their visas, I heard an African brother attacked a nurse. Finally one African brother wrote what really happened. I’m copying and pasting below, his letter, I can’t verify it but I feel it legit.: A different side to the China story:

Social media and the internet are rife with stories of the racist, appalling treatment of Africans in China over Covid-19. I have listened to BBC interviews with Nigerians in Guangzhou detailing what can only be described as a nightmare within a nightmare — being made homeless during a pandemic. I am outraged by these stories and also confounded. And it appears that what is going on is much more complex than has been reported.

Consider, for instance, this version of events, sent by someone from within China:

My brother, there’s nothing much that happened. I don’t need to ask you what you heard because about 20 people have asked me about this. All my customers, my relatives, my friends have all asked me this question, so I know you want to ask me about chasing black people out of their homes and out of the hotels.

You know how our people behave. Once they hear stories, they add their own, mix it with yam, and add ugba to make it more beautiful. I just got home from work and just got out of the shower. So about the video you watched, the story you heard happened in Guangzhou.

Before the borders were closed and flights were stopped from coming in, some of our people had come to buy goods. The Chinese asked them self-isolate. That took them to a hotel because they told all the hotels not to allow foreigners. The cops are the ones who will pick you up, check you out and put you up in a hotel. They will check you every morning, test your temperature to see if you have any symptoms. After 14 days they release you so you can do your business.

But 3 to 4 days before that 14 days was over, they discovered that three of our people had the symptoms. Eventually, they found out that 2 (of the 3) people had malaria or typhoid or something, but one person had coronavirus. They wanted to treat the one that had it, but he refused and said they wanted to inject him with the virus and kill him. They told him they didn’t want to do that but just wanted to treat him like they also treated their people, but he refused. Instead, he fought those medical workers, and I don’t know if they said he hit one of them in the eye or somewhere. But you know white people’s body, the person got a bruise or a black eye, and the locals got angry about that when they heard the story. Because of that, even the chairman of the Nigerian community in China got involved and begged the man to calm down and get treated. The Chinese said that after treating him, he would be deported and they agreed.

Because of this, they started monitoring the blacks to check for the symptoms. They went to places that black people ate. They found a Nigerian guy called Emma, who was married to a Chinese woman. The woman cooks food and people had been eating there for weeks. They found out that the woman went to her village and came back with the virus. The woman didn’t self isolate for 14 days but started cooking for people. They also found out that it was mostly black people who patronised the woman. So they shut down everywhere that had predominantly black people in Guangzhou.

All these things happened in Guangzhou, but people made it sound like it was happening in the whole of China. Anyway, they shut down everywhere the blacks eat in Guangzhou. They rationalised that if it was black people who patronised the woman, and she had been serving them for days, some black people would have contracted the virus from the woman. Because of that, they asked those people who had been in isolation to remain indoors until they sort out the issue with this woman and the people she came in contact with.

*They got health workers to move from house to house to check people and run some tests. They do the tests, ask you to wait for 24 hours, and after 24 hours if you test negative, they give you a card to be able to go out. Now that card is what you would use to go to the markets and different places. So these people were asked to stay indoors until the tests had been done for everybody so that they could figure out those who had it and those who didn’t have it, but they refused. They said they had been isolated for 14 days, so why should they be asked to stay inside. They all defied the orders and went out. Now the law that was given to all the hotels was not to allow any foreigners in except for one hotel. That one Hotel was also instructed not to let anybody out or in. But you know how our people behave, they all gathered, making noise and all went out together.

When they wanted to go into the markets, they were asked to show their cards because the locals had been told to always ask for cards to know those who had been tested. So when they didn’t show their cards, they were not allowed into the markets, and when they got back to the hotel, the management refused to let them in because that was the instruction by the police. Then they started the story that Igbo people were being chased out of their apartments and hot.

So this is the story …. and it coming from and African guy that lives in Guangzhou. I have been in China 13 years now. I have never been treated unfairly where I live. Yes there are places in Guangzhou that can get rough but that’s not all of China. Not everyone is out to get us.

Until next time….

16 thoughts on “Facts about the Racism in Guangzhou

  1. Susan Cooper

    Are you aware of the outrage going on now after the BBC report of how racism against the Africans is still ongoing? They have on camera many Africans living and going to school in large cities who are detailing the horrible experiences of being chased out of their apartments and have to sleep on the streets.
    If they find a place to stay they have to make a Chinese person order food for them because if it becomes known the order is from an African they will be denied. Some outsiders are organizing flights to get them out ASAP. Some African leaders are demanding the reason for the treatment but are getting the run around. I believe since you live in China you are getting the sanitized version of what is really going on over there now. Please refrain from posting items like that letter since obviously it was probably given to you to try and appease your readers. I have always read your column and admired it, now…..I have to take it with a grain of salt and caution

    1. I’m not going to keep harping in these stories again and again. There are no sanitized stories. You can believe all you want to Believe. But I am telling you the facts. My blog is blocked in china so there is no need for me to hide anything I write. The issues were with approximately 60 Nigerians that did not want to follow the rules that everyone else was following. They have blown it all out of proportion. Now if you don’t live here or have never lived here you have no real information. Only heresay and what you see on tv or the internet. Don’t come at me when you don’t know what you are talking about.

      1. Susan Cooper

        No one is coming at you but I’m just commenting on the story that is all over the worldwide media right now, except maybe in China. You get very defensive and confrontational when someone writes anything that you find negative. You really shouldn’t allow comments if you are unable to entertain differences of opinions. I hear your story about the 60 Nigerians and you could be right about that since I am not living in China and you are so that point is well taken. However it’s not just that incident but many stories on American, Canadian, Caribbean and European media detailing the systematic deragotary mistreatments of Africans and that seem to be growing worse everyday. Many Africans who are established in China and have prosperous lives are growing alarmed at what they perceive to be mystifying hatred towards them. I’m glad you are doing well and not suffering any racism and hopefully those that feel they are being mistreated will be allowed the same in the future.

        1. You don’t know how many times non African Black People get told so many different versions of stories that have been sensationalized but when we try to give the facts about it we get attacked like we don’t know what we are talking about. We have no reason to lie. China isn’t paying us anything. Never have I says that there isn’t racists or racism in China. Every country
          Has racism. The worst being America. But give a country credit when they are making efforts to deal with it. With a country with billions of people it’s difficult to control every single citizen. But at least they are putting in efforts to do so and the government puts our official statements saying that it’s wrong and not to do it. Yes I’m going to get defensive it’s my second home I have lived here for 13 yrs. I see the changes and I see the efforts that are being made. Those out side of china can’t see. Those adds requesting white face only are gone, the school not hiring black teachers or offering less pay are gone, those black face adds or racist adds are gone. The majority of blacks African or not are treated 20 times better than 10 years ago. But no one gives credit for any of that. They are not shooting blacks or incarcerating blacks or even calling them names in the street. But no one can see the positive changes. Africans in China the Guangzhou area in particular, are treated like the Mexicans in America. Yeah it’s bad but they aren’t innocent. They break rules and come over illegally. I accept all comments and just as you write your opinions I can address them. No country is perfect. But these days China has been attacked in many fronts. And the country and it’s people have treated me better than my own country at times.

  2. Jo I am so glad that you are doing well

    re anonymous…geez…where there are people there will be good times…challenges and at times imperfect people who cause problems no matter where one chooses to live. Thank you Jo for sharing this with us.

  3. Lorie


    Have you heard this story about Winnie Zhong Feifei. https://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/entertainment/article/3079862/african-chinese-tv-show-contestant-target-racist-attacks

    There seem to be a lot of conflicting stories.

    My opinion is every country is guilty in the spread of this pandemic. All of them too it lightly and now point the fingers at each other. People are dying because no one wants to step up to the plate and refuse to work together to bring this to an end or at least a more manageable solution.

  4. Anonymous

    What about countries that are educated? The question is why aren’t people educated ? Perhaps it’s easier to control a population who is ignorant than one who has an education and the freedom to think on their own.

    I think the Chinese people and culture are wonderful. I never had a problem with the Chinese government until recently. Their interference in other countries, using North Korea as their minion, the mishandling of Coronavirus, their mistreatment of the uyghur Muslims … China needs to mind their business and stay in their part of the world. Quit trying to be a world leader because they are pissing a lot of people off.

    1. I guess many people can say the same thing about America minding their own business. Well you are free to have your own opinion but don’t come at me like I am uneducated I have my own ideals and opinions and it’s not based on my lack of the ability to think for myself as you seem to believe. We will have to agree to disagree.

  5. Anonymous

    Wow. It’s really sad that you went from one country who oppressed and systematically branwashed their people to another country that’s doing the same.

    You have a lot of self hate. And don’t try to separate yourself from Africans because you think you are “different”. I guess it’s just a big coincidence that all of a sudden Africans visas are no longer valid and supposedly Africans have COVID-19. Its incredible. China started this pandemic. They are trying to colonize Africa by going there and sending all of their workers there to build roads and highways for what? For charity? Nope. To rape Africa of their goods like every other race.

    I’m sorry you have self hate. I’m sorry you’ve been brainwashed, a second time.

    I feel bad for you. You’ve swallowed their propaganda whole and refuse to admit any wrongdoing. It’s understandable though, I’m sure if you spoke truth you would be targeted and treated very harsh especially because of your skin Color.

    1. Have you been to China? How dare you accuse me of self hate, you don’t know anything about me or where I came from. You just continue to hide behind your computer screen and spew hatred. Congratulations on being so woke.

      1. Anonymous

        Nothing I said is hateful. If you read it again you will see I said I felt sorry for you. Again, you’re being brainwashed. You’re Internet is censored and China is pushing their propaganda hard. If only you could travel around the world, have access to different websites and know what’s really going on around the world.

        Tell China to get out of Africa. Nobody wants their oppressive government to be the leader of the world especially after how they handled this situation.

        1. Why do you seem to think I haven’t traveled anywhere? It seems like your governments want China in African countries just like Africans choose to come to china. I am not chinese by the way I am American so it’s not like I have never seen websites and not like I don’t have access to websites now. Don’t feel sorry for me. I’m fine. And if you knew anything about China you would know we all have the ability to get past the firewall you are referring to. Obviously you don’t have all the facts.

          1. Anonymous

            The fact that there is a firewall says a lot. The fact that you are hit with pro-China propaganda instead of facts means your opinion is extremely biased. And you might just be unaware of how biased you are.

            China should be held accountable for what has happened. It wasn’t handled well and the world agrees. WHO only applauds China because they know if they don’t, then China will stop providing any information at all and misleading information is better than none.

            Keep in mind that there’s been a lot of speculation and questioning about the Coronavirus originating from a Lab in Wuhan China.

            And the world has already seen videos of wet markets reopening over there (after China claimed it came from their wet markets ).

            Either way , lab or wet market it’s clear that China has no regard for human life around the world and they were incredibly secretive. Which is absolutely horrifying considering they should’ve warned all countries and rang the alarm and warned everyone about how serious this virus really is. It was very distasteful for them to celebrate how they combatted the Coronavirus while thousands of people were dying in Italy, Spain and now US and the UK and many other countries. China celebrate while others were dying and their financial stability has been rocked.

            At the same time, when US first decided to stop sending flights to China, the Chinese government was upset and angry about this. It shows how irresponsible China is and how distrustful the government is.

            I’m not racist at all. I’m not even white. Everything stated here is about the Chinese government, not the people!

            1. As you blame everything on the Chinese government. Other governments were warned about the virus and were just as slow in informing the people. My home country in America is still not protecting its people properly even now. You don’t understand how china works or how the people of china feel. They give up many freedoms for protection. You can complain all you want about chinese government restrictions but there are no school shootings here, no bombs blowing up people, no drug shootings, not much crime at all. No country is perfect but to say one country destroyed the world is just wrong. To say that I don’t have the ability to see past propaganda is insulting my intelligence. I’m not a chinese robot or sheep. I just know why Chinese government does what it does to control the largest population in the world. Being here I can see what would happen and the sheer chaos it would be over here if there wasn’t control. These people aren’t American or European most are not even with an elementary level education. If the didn’t control the flow of information China would be just like the middle Eastern countries or most African countries always at war. So don’t judge something you don’t understand.

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