A Pinoy Christmas

I just spend my first of many Christmas celebrations with my adopted Filipino community. This is the Wuxinoy Group here in my city in China. They have formed a community of Pinoy People here that is very close knit. I feel very honored to be considered apart of it.

My special tribe was unable to attend do to their job schedule so I was there representing them and myself. I even performed a song. I know. They are musical people.

The festivities started with a prayer that had to be done through live feed from the Philippines and continued with the induction of the new officers for the next year. The Legend (my future ex husband) was not able to attend, so I accepted his nomination on his behalf. Little did I know that it was for his work in the church. I’m surprised I didn’t catch on fire. Haha.

After that the partying began, games performances, food and drinking. Lots and lots of drinking. I even won several of the competitions. The entire event lasted from 6 pm to 1 am.

You think I would have went home directly after but nooooooo…… afterward I checked on my tribe and they were waiting for me to meet them after.

After I filled them in on what they missed. We moved our party to a hotel room and drank, sang, laughed, danced and ate until 5 am.

I was totally surprised that they waited for me. And were so happy to see me and to have our own drunken gathering. They even told me how much they missed me and loved me.

We have a couple more gatherings coming up for Christmas Eve… gift exchange, jam session and dinner and Christmas Day White Party and of course the many New Years parties. This Pandemic isn’t going to stop us from enjoying life.

Until next time. …..

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