Getting rid of memories ….

Morning Boys and Girls,

Since the big move is drawing near, I have been going through my 15 years of stuff trying to decide what to take and what to leave behind.

I’m not a hoarder but I seem to have accumulated a lot of stuff. There are gifts from past students and gifts from past birthdays and even gifts from friends that I have met through the years. There are outfits that have memories and even jewelry that I smile when I look at it because I remember what I was doing when I had it on.

I am slowly sorting and getting rid of things but I find my silly ass crying over a necklace or laughing as I look at a t-shirt. I found a rock and couldn’t stop laughing because I remembered I found it in my bra when I went rafting in that tiny ass boat and I was so heavy my butt touched the bottom of the shallow part of the river …. (Check archives to read that blog)

I didn’t realize it was going to be so hard to get rid of stuff. But I can’t take everything. I have to squeeze 15 yrs into two oversized suitcases and a carry on.

I have sold some things that I figured were worth selling. I still have lots of books and clothes to sort through. I plan to give things to charities and friends. I will sell as much as I can. But I can’t stop the feelings of sadness as I get rid of my memories.

I know I’m going to make new memories and it’s going to be exciting and crazy like my life usually is, but I have been in China a long time and I have met some interesting people from all over the world. If I hadn’t of moved here I would not have so many amazing friends from so many amazing countries.

Unless you have lived abroad, you can’t understand how the people you meet become more than your friends they are your family. You spend holidays together and share experiences that your real family can never understand. We latch on to each other very quickly and bond in some unusual ways. We share things about our cultures and countries and sometimes even the food.

America is filled with people from all over the world but you could live your whole life and never meet anyone from another country. Here we are all lumped together as “foreigners” so everyday you could meet someone from a country you may never have heard of. It’s a fantastic experience. Now mind you, everyone you meet you will not always get along with some people you just don’t click with but even those experiences last a life time.

Crazy enough meeting all my pinoy friends and experiencing their culture, food and people helped me to decide to move to the Philippines. I am forever grateful for that. Not to mention all the different men I have dated from different countries … that’s a book I need to write in the future. Haha.

No matter how emotional I feel about leaving China it is still a good decision for me. The best decision…. When the cons start out weighing the pros… it’s time to go.

Anyway, I have a new adventure ahead of me… motto has always been: “ keep moving forward never go backward…” it’s worked this long.

Until next time…..

5 thoughts on “Getting rid of memories ….

    1. hapilove

      Yes, keep looking forward to your new adventures with your new beau. Some people think adventures stop when they reach a certain age; I am glad there are women who do not agree with that though process.

        1. hapilove

          Go on, Jo. Great mind-set. You will be that elderly lady on YouTube dancing with her walker. My Cousin’s Aunt was that elderly lady in church dancing with her walker.

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