Life As a World Traveler

Hello Boys and Girls,

I know it has been awhile and all of you are wondering what has been happening since my last post many moons ago. Well, I moved to Thailand with my new boo and we bought a new condo near the beach and we have been traveling around Europe for the last few months.

I am so blessed to be safe and out of China with all the covid issues that they are still having.

I got to visit Germany (my guys hometown to meet his family), the Netherlands and Spain (to celebrate our one year anniversary) the last few months. It was my first time in Europe and I am so happy I am able to have these experiences. Germany has beautiful countryside and pretty good food although a lot of meat and potatoes. The people are a bit cold where I was in the area near Frankfurt. But over all it was peaceful.

The Netherlands was similar to Germany actually but the people were very kind and open and very tall. The weather was cooler there even though it was summer but otherwise the area was not much different. Now Spain was amazing, I would recommend people to visit there if they ever get a chance. After only a few days my spanish language skills kicked in and I was speaking like a local.

I will be heading back to Thailand for a few months to take care of some things but then back to Europe for the Christmas Holidays… our goal is to spend Christmas in Germany, then visit Italy and Greece.

OHHH…During my very busy schedule I managed to complete my online degree in Interior Design and I have been putting a lot of focus on my new career move. ( which explains my lack of blogging)

I’m so excited to start the new chapter in my career. I will be working in Thailand as an Interior designer and living my best life in the tropics. We do plan to visit the Phillippines, Malaysia, Laos, the States and Singapore in the future.

I have so much to share from my new experiences and my new relationship but I will have to fill you in with another blog post. Lets just say the German has been good to me and I have finally found my place.

until next time…

12 thoughts on “Life As a World Traveler

  1. Lor

    Hi Jo!!!

    I hadn’t been by the blog and wondered what you were up to! You have been busy!!!!! I lived off and on in Europe (England, Italy) and traveled around over there quite a bit (Spain-loved it, Germany-loved it, Austria-briefly and The Netherlands. Plus a few places off the beaten path like Croatia and Slovenia. This was YEARS ago, so I’m sure attitudes have changed since my time over there. I always found Europeans a bit standoffish when compared to Americans. They seemed more formal to me, but kind.

    I LOVE that you have found your place. You are truly living a blessed life!

  2. Cherese

    Congratulations. This sounds wonderful. I’m glad you are doing well and living your best life. I agree with you on Europe. It’s great! I have had the pleasure of visiting France, Holland, and Germany. Amazing sites to see. Best wishes on the career change. I’m sure you will do well. Many blessings, and enjoy. I look forward to hearing from you. Take care.

  3. Sam

    Wow, Jo. You are ALWAYS doing something big. Cheers to living life and never settling! p.s. You look like you got a great man. Have been reading your blog since 2012 or so! Awesome to see you happy. Take care 🙂

  4. dthomas282016

    I am so happy for you! I’ve visited Thailand twice & I love it & the people. Congrats on finishing the interior design course. Enjoy!

  5. Cheryl Iannone

    I’m so happy for u I pray and think about you a lot and wish nothing but happiness for you. God bless you always. I want to find my forever happiness also. India

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